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Cowen, Noel - Global History: A Short Overview, ebook

Global History: A Short Overview

Cowen, Noel


This short book offers a clear and engaging introduction to the history of humankind, from the earliest movements of people to the contemporary epoch of globalization. Cowen traces this complex history in a manner which offers both a compelling narrative and an analytical

Ghosh, Abhik - Letters to a Young Chemist, ebook

Letters to a Young Chemist

Ghosh, Abhik


” —Marye Anne Fox, Chancellor of the University of California, San Diego, and winner of the 2009 US National Medal of Science
“Letters to a Young Chemist offers significant ammunition for motivating young people to consider chemistry as a career. ... This

Kraynak, Joseph - GRE For Dummies Quick Prep, ebook

GRE For Dummies Quick Prep

Kraynak, Joseph


Covering just what you need to know to prepare for the GRE, this no-nonsense guide gets down to the nitty gritty of the verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing skills you need to master in order to get into the graduate school of your dreams.

Cunningham, David D. - In Vivo Glucose Sensing, ebook

In Vivo Glucose Sensing

Cunningham, David D.


It discusses the analytical chemistry behind the strategies currently used for measuring glucose in vivo. It focuses on analyzing samples in the real world and discusses the biological complexities that make glucose sensing difficult. Covering current implantable devices,