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Caruso, Joseph A. - Analysis of Chemical Warfare Degradation Products, ebook

Analysis of Chemical Warfare Degradation Products

Caruso, Joseph A.

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This book will present their history, toxicity, comparison between different sample preparation methods, separation techniques, and detection methods all together in a short, easy to read book, tied together by a single group doing the writing and the editing to assure

Boos, Margarete - Coordination in Human and Primate Groups, ebook

Coordination in Human and Primate Groups

Boos, Margarete


Coordination in Human and Non-human Primate Groups: Why Compare and How?
Margarete Boos, Michaela Kolbe, Peter M. Kappeler
2. An Inclusive Model of Group Coordination
Margarete Boos, Michaela Kolbe, Micha Strack
3. Coordination of Group

Shan, Guomin - Immunoassays in Agricultural Biotechnology, ebook

Immunoassays in Agricultural Biotechnology

Shan, Guomin

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A group of international experts from government agencies, academics and industries, who have many years of related experience, contribute high quality chapters in their areas of expertise. This book covers topics including principles of immunoassay, antibody engineering