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Shah, Vishal - Emerging Environmental Technologies, Volume II, ebook

Emerging Environmental Technologies, Volume II

Shah, Vishal


Needle-Type Multi-Analyte MEMS Sensor Arrays for In Situ Measurements in Biofilms
Jin-Hwan Lee, Youngwoo Seo, Woo Hyoung Lee, Paul Bishop, Ian Papautsky
7. Fundamentals and Applications of Entrapped Cell Bioaugmentation for Contaminant Removal
Sumana Siripattanakul,

Moreno-Bondi, Maria C. - Frontiers in Chemical Sensors, ebook

Frontiers in Chemical Sensors

Moreno-Bondi, Maria C.


The Interplay of Indicator, Support and Analyte in Optical Sensor Layers
Orellana Guillermo, Maria C. Moreno-Bondi, David Garcia-Fresnadillo, Maria D. Marazuela
7. Challenges in the Design of Optical DNA Biosensors
Melissa Massey, Paul A E Piunno, Ulrich

Buszewski, Boguslaw - Electromigration Techniques, ebook

Electromigration Techniques

Buszewski, Boguslaw


Methods of Analyte Concentration in a Capillary
Paweł Kubalczyk, Edward Bald
13. Stereoisomers Separation
Piotr Wieczorek
14. “Lab-on-a-Chip” Dedicated for Cell Engineering
Elżbieta Jastrzębska, Aleksandra Rakowska, Zbigniew Brzózka

Volkov, Alexander G. - Plant Electrophysiology, ebook

Plant Electrophysiology

Volkov, Alexander G.


Table of contents
Part I. Methods of Plant Electrophysiology
1. Historical Introduction to Plant Electrophysiology
Rainer Stahlberg
2. Electrochemical Methods and Measuring Transmembrane Ion Gradients
Anthony J. Miller, Darren M. Wells
3. Non-Invasive Microelectrode Ion Flux Measurements In Plant Stress

Chen, Yuhchyau - Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXVI, ebook

Oxygen Transport to Tissue XXVI

Chen, Yuhchyau


Table of contents
1. Cerebral Oxygenation During Repetitive Apnea in Newborn Piglets
Gregory Schears, Jennifer Creed, Tatiana Zaitseva, Steven Schultz, David F. Wilson, Anna Pastuszko
2. Optimal Determination of Detector Placement in Cerebral NIR Spectroscopy of Neonates Using Chemometric Techniques
Terence S.