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Graeb, Helmut E. - Analog Layout Synthesis, ebook

Analog Layout Synthesis

Graeb, Helmut E.


Deterministic Analog Placement by Enhanced Shape Functions
Martin Strasser, Michael Eick, Helmut Graeb, Ulf Schlichtmann
4. Routing Analog Circuits
Günhan Dündar, Ahmet Unutulmaz
5. Analog Layout Retargeting
Hazem Said, Mohamed Dessouky, Reem

Voldman, Steven H. - ESD: Analog Circuits and Design, ebook

ESD: Analog Circuits and Design

Voldman, Steven H.


A comprehensive and in-depth review of analog circuit layout, schematic architecture, device, power network and ESD design
This book will provide a balanced overview of analog circuit design layout, 

Roermund, Arthur H. M. - Analog Circuit Design, ebook

Analog Circuit Design

Roermund, Arthur H. M.


Table of contents
1. LMS-Based Digital Assisting for Data Converters
Bang-Sup Song
2. Pipelined ADC Digital Calibration Techniques and Tradeoffs
Imran Ahmed
3. High-Resolution and Wide-Bandwidth CMOS Pipeline AD Converters
Hans Vel
4. A Signal Processing View on Time-Interleaved ADCS

Voldman, Steven H. - ESD: Design and Synthesis, ebook

ESD: Design and Synthesis

Voldman, Steven H.


This book studies electrical overstress, ESD, and latchup from a whole-chip ESD design synthesis approach. It provides a clear insight into the integration of ESD protection networks from a generalist perspective, followed by examples

Thompson, A. Richard - Interferometry and Synthesis in Radio Astronomy, ebook

Interferometry and Synthesis in Radio Astronomy

Thompson, A. Richard


Comprehensive, authoritative coverage of interferometric techniques for radio astronomy

In this Second Edition of Interferometry and Synthesis in Radio Astronomy, three leading figures in the development of large imaging arrays, including very-long-baseline interferometry (VLBI),