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Berntsen, Erik Serrano - A Guide to Starting Your Hedge Fund, ebook

A Guide to Starting Your Hedge Fund

Berntsen, Erik Serrano


The first book to examine the practical aspects of setting up and operating funds with a focus on energy commodity markets, this book scrutinises the due diligence process and comprehensively reviews the opportunities and risks of all energy commodity markets as hedge

Bascia, Nina - Alternative Schooling and Student Engagement, ebook

Alternative Schooling and Student Engagement

Bascia, Nina


Alternative Schooling and Black Students: Opportunities, Challenges, and Limitations
Carl E. James, Julia A. Samaroo
5. Reverberations of Neo-Liberal Policies: The Slow Dilution of Secondary Alternative Schooling in the Toronto District School Board

Dash, Ashutosh - Radiopharmaceuticals for Therapy, ebook

Radiopharmaceuticals for Therapy

Dash, Ashutosh


Availability of Alpha-Emitting Radioisotopes by Reactor and Accelerator Production and via Decay of Naturally Occurring Parents
F. F. (Russ) Knapp, Ashutosh Dash
Part III. Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals for Cancer Therapy
9. Radioimmunotherapy (RIT)

Cullis, A. G. - Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials, ebook

Microscopy of Semiconducting Materials

Cullis, A. G.


Beta to alpha transition and defects on SiC on Si grown by CVD
F M Morales, Ch Förster, O Ambacher, J Pezoldt
26. Strain relaxation and void reduction in SiC on Si by Ge predeposition
F M Morales, P Weih, Ch Wang, Th Stauden, O Ambacher, J Pezoldt