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Wignall, Steve - You Can Have Chips, ebook

You Can Have Chips

Wignall, Steve


Following his apprenticeship at Doncaster Rovers that dream came true and he embarked on a 20-year playing career that took him from Donny to Colchester, Brentford and Aldershot. When age and injury held up the red card, he went into coaching, scouting and management,

Bradshaw, Polly - The Language of Lies, ebook

The Language of Lies

Bradshaw, Polly


But where does the plot start? In Aldershot, an unsuspecting Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths, named Sasha, finds herself the target of a man, Kit Hatton, hell-bent on getting some bogus birth certificates from her, by hook or by crook. But by the time

Stewart, Lieutenant-Colonel J. - The Fifteenth (Scottish) Division, ebook

The Fifteenth (Scottish) Division

Stewart, Lieutenant-Colonel J.


The senior of Kitchener’s Second New Army Divisions, the 15th (Scottish) was raised at Aldershot in September 1914 with a nucleus of men surplus to the requirements of the 9th (Scottish) Division and brought up to strength with drafts sent down from Scotland. It arrived in France in July