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Kaskutas, Lee Anne - Recent Developments in Alcoholism, ebook

Recent Developments in Alcoholism

Kaskutas, Lee Anne


Table of contents
1. The Twelve-Step Program
2. Introduction: The Twelve-Step Program Model of AA
Thomasina Borkman
3. The Twelve-Step Recovery Model of AA: A Voluntary Mutual Help Association
Thomasina Borkman
4. Twelve Defining…

Boyd, Gayle M. - Recent Developments in Alcoholism, ebook

Recent Developments in Alcoholism

Boyd, Gayle M.


Table of contents
I. Epidemiology
1. Diagnosis, Course, and Assessment of Alcohol Abuse and Dependence in Adolescents
Tammy Chung, Christopher S. Martin, Ken C. Winters
2. Initiation and Course of Alcohol Consumption among Adolescents and…

Mann, Karl F. - Drugs for Relapse Prevention of Alcoholism, ebook

Drugs for Relapse Prevention of Alcoholism

Mann, Karl F.


Table of contents
1. History of prevention of relapse
Griffith Edwards
2. How to measure relapse in animals
Rainer Spanagel
3. How to measure relapse in humans
Henry R. Kranzler, Howard Tennen
4. Disulfiram (Antabuse®): the…

Hillitöntä menoa - Judoa ja itsesuojelua

Hillitöntä menoa - Judoa ja itsesuojelua

Myllylä, Seppo


Pitelemättömän energinen Seppo Myllylä on Suomen judon ensimmäinen miesten EM-mitalisti ja kaikkien aikojen menestynein maajoukkuevalmentaja. Myllylää on ihailtu, pelätty, rakastettu ja vihattu. Judokakoulutuksensa hän hankki äärimmäisiä…

London, Jack - John Barleycorn, ebook

John Barleycorn

London, Jack


A fascinating autobiographical account of the author Jack London’s personal experiences with alcohol, both in its enjoyment and its addiction.

Field, Amanda J - Evading the Issue, ebook

Evading the Issue

Field, Amanda J


The commercial imperatives hardly sat well with the reality of a social problem such as alcoholism and this essay reminds us that the prime aim of the industry was to entertain: many of these ‘problem films’, therefore, were as honest and truthful within these

Harris, ty - Women and Recovery: Finding Hope, ebook

Women and Recovery: Finding Hope

Harris, ty


A breakthrough recovery plan for women who struggle with alcoholism, based on a groundbreaking new model
Tens of millions of women today drink to excess and their numbers are growing. Now Dr. Kitty Harris, an experienced counselor and therapist who is herself a recovering alcoholic with

Shepley, Nick - Addiction & Recovery, ebook

Addiction & Recovery

Shepley, Nick


All the best recovery meetings I have ever been to start with a story, so I will tell you mine. If you identify with it - good - but try to look for the similarities and not the differences. Addiction and Recovery is contains teachings from many different…