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McCune, Anne - ABC of Alcohol, ebook

ABC of Alcohol

McCune, Anne


The misuse of alcohol presents both individual physical and psychological problems as well as wider social consequences. Alcohol misuse is a frequent cause of attendance in accident and emergency departments and an underlying factor in a range of long

DiMartini, Andrea - Alcohol Abuse and Liver Disease, ebook

Alcohol Abuse and Liver Disease

DiMartini, Andrea


For people with alcohol excess and liver disease, successful management must be two-fold with management of both their psychological/physical addiction to alcohol and their liver disease.  Alcohol Abuse and liver

Zakhari, Samir - Alcohol and Cancer, ebook

Alcohol and Cancer

Zakhari, Samir


Cancer and Alcohol: An Overview of Tumorigenesis
William C. Dunty
3. Alcohol and Cancer Epidemiology
R. Thomas Gentry
4. Alcohol Metabolism and Its Implications for Cancer
Gary J. Murray, Philip J. Brooks, Samir Zakhari
5. Epigenetics, Alcohol,

Paton, Alexander - ABC of Alcohol, ebook

ABC of Alcohol

Paton, Alexander


Although doctors are mainly concerned with the physical or psychological problems of individual drinkers, the wider social consequences of alcohol misuse are just as important. Fully revised and updated, this fourth edition of the ABC of alcohol contains

O'Connor, Maeve - Mechanisms of Alcohol Damage in Utero, ebook

Mechanisms of Alcohol Damage in Utero

O'Connor, Maeve


The Novartis Foundation Series is a popular collection of the proceedings from Novartis Foundation Symposia, in which groups of leading scientists from a range of topics across biology, chemistry and medicine assembled to present papers and discuss results.…

Kuerbis, Alexis - Alcohol and Aging, ebook

Alcohol and Aging

Kuerbis, Alexis


Thinking Behind Alcohol Consumption in Old Age: Psychological and Sociological Reasons for Drinking in Old Age
Catherine Haighton
Part II. Epidemiological Perspectives of Alcohol and Aging
2. Understanding Alcohol Consumption

Abraha, Iosief - Alcohol and Drug Misuse: A Cochrane Handbook, ebook

Alcohol and Drug Misuse: A Cochrane Handbook

Abraha, Iosief


Addiction to drugs and alcohol is an increasing problem that all clinicians have to deal with. This Cochrane Handbook of Alcohol and Drug Misuse serves as a concise guide to the evidence base for relevant interventions, highlighting the key points of

Sommer, Wolfgang H. - Behavioral Neurobiology of Alcohol Addiction, ebook

Behavioral Neurobiology of Alcohol Addiction

Sommer, Wolfgang H.


Theoretical Frameworks and Mechanistic Aspects of Alcohol Addiction: Alcohol Addiction as a Reward Deficit Disorder
George F. Koob
2. Synaptic Effects Induced by Alcohol
David M. Lovinger, Marisa Roberto
3. Signaling Pathways Mediating Alcohol Effects