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Newton, Jon - Profitable Organic Farming, ebook

Profitable Organic Farming

Newton, Jon


Drawing on new information available in the area and including case studies from successful organic farm businesses, the author Jon Newton has written a book that is of great commercial use to a wide range of workers including organic farm managers and those wishing

Andrews, Maggie - The Home Front in Britain, ebook

The Home Front in Britain

Andrews, Maggie


Mortality or Morality? Keeping Workers Safe in the First World War
Anne Spurgeon
6. A Heroine at Home: The Housewife on the First World War Home Front
Karen Hunt
7. Female Agricultural Workers

Bafoil, François - Central and Eastern Europe, ebook

Central and Eastern Europe

Bafoil, François


The Agricultural Question. Public Laissez-faire and the Recomposition of Individual Strategies
François Bafoil
8. Labor Relations. The Weakness of the Social Dialogue
François Bafoil
9. Civil Societies. Networks of Sociability, Associations, and Public

Li, Xiaochun - Labor Transfer in Emerging Economies, ebook

Labor Transfer in Emerging Economies

Li, Xiaochun


Minimum Wage on Migrant Workers and Its Employment Effect: A Case Study of the Yangtze River Delta Region before and after the Financial Crisis
Xiaochun Li, Ping He, Yu Zhou, Zheyu Dong
Part II. Migrants Remittances
5. An Economic Analysis of Remittance

Hedden, Peter - Annual Plant Reviews, The Gibberellins, ebook

Annual Plant Reviews, The Gibberellins

Hedden, Peter


Annual Plant Reviews, Volume 49: The Gibberellins is an important resource for plant geneticists and biochemists, as well as agricultural and horticultural research workers, advanced students of plant science and university lecturers

Czierpka, Juliane - Regions, Industries, and Heritage, ebook

Regions, Industries, and Heritage

Czierpka, Juliane


Beyond the Leading Regions: Agricultural Modernization and Rural Industrialization in North-Western Germany
Dieter Ziegler
Part II. Industrial Heritage, Identities, and Regional Self-Perception: An Examination of Regions after Their Prime
11. Housing the