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Baddoo, Nathan - Software Process Improvement, ebook

Software Process Improvement

Baddoo, Nathan


Factors with Negative Influence on Software Testing Practice in Spain: A Survey
Luis Fernández-Sanz, M. Teresa Villalba, José Ramón Hilera, Raquel Lacuesta
2. What Is a Test Case? Revisiting the Software Test Case Concept

Song, William Wei - Information Systems Development, ebook

Information Systems Development

Song, William Wei


A Petri Net-Based Software Process Model for Developing Process-Oriented Information Systems
Yu Li, Andreas Oberweis
4. Modern Enterprise Systems as Enablers of Agile Development
Odd Fredriksson, Lennart Ljung
5. Patterns-Based IS Change Management

Barry, Chris - Transforming Healthcare Through Information Systems, ebook

Transforming Healthcare Through Information Systems

Barry, Chris


A Monitoring Infrastructure for the Quality Assessment of Cloud Services
Priscila Cedillo, Javier Gonzalez-Huerta, Silvia Abrahao, Emilio Insfran
3. A Motivation-Oriented Architecture Modelling for e-Healthcare Prosumption
Malgorzata Pankowska
4. A

Barry, Chris - Complexity in Information Systems Development, ebook

Complexity in Information Systems Development

Barry, Chris


A Model-Level Mutation Tool to Support the Assessment of the Test Case Quality
Maria Fernanda Granda, Nelly Condori-Fernández, Tanja E. J. Vos, Oscar Pastor
3. An Open Platform for Studying and Testing Context-Aware Indoor Positioning Algorithms

Latifi, Shahram - Information Technology - New Generations, ebook

Information Technology - New Generations

Latifi, Shahram


A Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Approach to Mitigating DDoS Attacks
Hubert D’Cruze, Ping Wang, Raed Omar Sbeit, Andrew Ray
20. Integrated Methodology for Information Security Risk Assessment
Ping Wang, Melva Ratchford
21. Techniques for Detecting

Kim, Kuinam J. - Information Science and Applications, ebook

Information Science and Applications

Kim, Kuinam J.


Network Security Situation Assessment: A Review and Discussion
Yu-Beng Leau, Selvakumar Manickam, Yung-Wey Chong
49. Protecting Binary Files from Stack-Based Buffer Overflow
Sahel Alouneh, Heba Bsoul, Mazen Kharbutli
50. Meet-in-the-middle Attack with