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Sims, Michael - Agency Account Handling: Avoiding Blood, Sweat and Tears, ebook

Agency Account Handling: Avoiding Blood, Sweat and Tears

Sims, Michael


Agency Account Handling strives to distinguish between good account handling and great account handling.
This book will help you understand the wider picture of client servicing, give you satisfied customers and allow you to go home at night with a smile on your face. In reality it

 - Material Agency, ebook

Material Agency


Material Agency , Skills and History: Distributed Cognition and the Archaeology of Memory
John Sutton
5. The Actor-Enacted: Cumbrian Sheep in 2001
John Law, Annemarie Mol
6. Non-Human Agencies: Trees in

Goller, Dr. Michael - Human Agency at Work, ebook

Human Agency at Work

Goller, Dr. Michael


The Role of Agency in Professional Development
Michael Goller
4. Research Questions, Research Model, and Research Approach
Michael Goller
5. Study 1: Initial Insights into Work Agency in the Domain of Geriatric

Kappler, Stefanie - Local Agency and Peacebuilding, ebook

Local Agency and Peacebuilding

Kappler, Stefanie


The Framing of Peacebuilding Agency — From a Monodimensional Towards a Spatial Understanding of Agency
Stefanie Kappler
3. Why Culture?
Stefanie Kappler
4. The EU’s Spaces of Agency in the Bosnian Peacebuilding

Smullen, Amanda - Translating Agency Reform, ebook

Translating Agency Reform

Smullen, Amanda


The Trajectory of Agency Talk Across The Netherlands, Sweden and Australia
Amanda Smullen
Part III. Comparing and Explaining Agency Talk
5. Comparing Official Agency Talk: National Speaking Styles and the Role of Cultural

Madhok, Sumi - Gender, Agency, and Coercion, ebook

Gender, Agency, and Coercion

Madhok, Sumi


Choosers or Losers? Feminist Ethical and Political Agency in a Plural and Unequal World
Kimberly Hutchings
3. The Feminist Subject of Agency: Recognition and Affect in Encounters with ‘the Other’
Clare Hemmings,

Sims, Michael - Working With Agencies: An Insider's Guide, ebook

Working With Agencies: An Insider's Guide

Sims, Michael


The client/agency relationship is an area fraught with potential problems. Competition in the field has now augmented the necessity to understand the working relationship far more thoroughly to help the client to get better value from the agency. The