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Buswell, David - Amazing Ageing, ebook

Amazing Ageing

Buswell, David


Amazing Ageing' is the must-have psychological survival manual for those approaching older age. When you buy this book you will discover that: 1) Ageing is an opportunity for inner growth. 2) Amazing Ageing can be

Buttriss, Judith L. - Healthy Ageing: The Role of Nutrition and Lifestyle, ebook

Healthy Ageing: The Role of Nutrition and Lifestyle

Buttriss, Judith L.


* Report of the British Nutrition's Task Force on nutrition and healthy ageing
* Contributing authors are well known and respected
* Essential information for those involved in providing diets and supplements for geriatric care
* Includes the BNF's conclusions and recommendations

Phillipson, Christopher - Ageing, ebook


Phillipson, Christopher


Ageing populations represent a key global challenge for the twenty-first century. Few areas of life will remain untouched by the accompanying changes to cultural, economic and social life. This book interrogates various understandings of ageing, and

Browning, Colette - Ageing in Australia, ebook

Ageing in Australia

Browning, Colette


Australian Developments in Ageing: Issues and History
Hal Kendig
3. Attitudes to Ageing
Kate O’Loughlin, Hal Kendig
4. Population Ageing: A Demographic Perspective
Peter McDonald
5. Health and Ageing

Hubble, Nick - Ageing, Narrative and Identity, ebook

Ageing, Narrative and Identity

Hubble, Nick


Responses to the Mass Observation Ageing Directives: Five Case Studies
Nick Hubble, Philip Tew
Part III. Readers, Writers and Ageing
7. Representations of Ageing in Postwar British Fiction
Nick Hubble, Philip Tew

Scholl, Hendrik P.N. - Ophthalmology and the Ageing Society, ebook

Ophthalmology and the Ageing Society

Scholl, Hendrik P.N.


Table of contents
1. Ophthalmic Disease in the Ageing Society
Emily C. Fletcher, Hendrik P. N. Scholl
Part I. Epidemiology of Eye Diseases in Older Populations
2. Blindness and Visual Impairment: Global Perspective
Sheila K. West
3. Blindness and Visual Impairment: High-Income Countries
Robert P. Finger,

Hayflick, Leonard - Cellular Ageing and Replicative Senescence, ebook

Cellular Ageing and Replicative Senescence

Hayflick, Leonard


Ageing, Cancer and Senescence
9. Cell Cycle Checkpoints and Senescence
Renu Wadhwa, Zeenia Kaul, Sunil C. Kaul
10. Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species in Cellular Senescence
Timothy Nacarelli, Claudio Torres, Christian Sell
11. Cellular Aging and

Betti, Gianni - Unequal Ageing in Europe, ebook

Unequal Ageing in Europe

Betti, Gianni


Table of contents
1. Women, Old Age, and Independence: Why Investigate Yet Another Gender Gap?
Gianni Betti, Francesca Bettio, Thomas Georgiadis, Platon Tinios
2. Concepts and Literature
Gianni Betti, Francesca Bettio, Thomas Georgiadis,…