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Steiber, Annika - Management in the Digital Age, ebook

Management in the Digital Age

Steiber, Annika


Table of contents
1. Management at a Turning Point: What Will the Future Look like?
Annika Steiber
2. A New Model for a New World: Why It’s Needed and What It Consists of
Annika Steiber
3. Silicon Valley: A Cradle of Management Innovation
Annika Steiber
4. Management Characteristics of Top Innovators

Conrad, Harald - Human Resource Management in Ageing Societies, ebook

Human Resource Management in Ageing Societies

Conrad, Harald


Demographic Challenges for Human Resource Management Practices and Labour Market Policies in Japan and Germany — an Overview
Harald Conrad, Viktoria Heindorf, Franz Waldenberger
2. Ageing Workforces and Challenges to Human Resource Management

Bellizzi, Keith M. - Cancer and Aging Handbook: Research and Practice, ebook

Cancer and Aging Handbook: Research and Practice

Bellizzi, Keith M.

From 134,40€

A state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary approach to cancer and aging
With the majority of cancers occurring in individuals over the age of 65 against a backdrop of an expanding aging population, there is an urgent need to integrate the areas of clinical

Bengtsson, Tommy - Population Ageing - A Threat to the Welfare State?, ebook

Population Ageing - A Threat to the Welfare State?

Bengtsson, Tommy


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tommy Bengtsson
2. The Ageing Population
Tommy Bengtsson, Kirk Scott
3. In This World Nothing Is Certain but Death and Taxes: Financing the Elderly
Åsa Hansson
4. A Stable Pension System: The Eighth Wonder
Agneta Kruse
5. Ways of Funding and Organising Elderly

Pandya, Jayshree - The Global Age, ebook

The Global Age

Pandya, Jayshree


Table of contents
1. NGIOA @ Risk Introduction
Jayshree Pandya
2. Global Risk History
Jayshree Pandya
3. Lessons Learned
Jayshree Pandya
4. Changing Global Fundamentals: Nations and Shifting Priorities
Jayshree Pandya