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Peltola, Pekka - Finland and National Liberation in Southern Africa, ebook

Finland and National Liberation in Southern Africa

Peltola, Pekka


Finland's special characteristics as a Nordic, non-aligned welfare state gave it the resources and motivation to support liberation movements - in spite of restrictions arising from trade interests and a reluctance to jeopardise the country's neutral…

Johansson, Sonja - Regulating Mining in Africa, ebook

Regulating Mining in Africa

Johansson, Sonja


While the quality of national governance is undoubtedly a key ingredient, this comparative study of mining code reform in Africa seeks to demonstrate that no amount of local governance is sufficient if it is not accompanied by legal and fiscal frameworks designed to

Melber, Henning - Trade, Development Cooperation - What Future for Africa?, ebook

Trade, Development Cooperation - What Future for Africa?

Melber, Henning


This is true of the USAs African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), the EU Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with South Africa and more recently the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) negotiated in the Post-Cotonou era of European relations with the South. All these initiatives

Fleagle, John G. - Out of Africa I, ebook

Out of Africa I

Fleagle, John G.


Early Pleistocene Mammals of Africa: Background to Dispersal
Meave Leakey, Lars Werdelin
2. Carnivoran Dispersal Out of Africa During the Early Pleistocene: Relevance for Hominins?
Margaret E. Lewis, Lars Werdelin

Tordoff, William - Government and Politics in Africa, ebook

Government and Politics in Africa

Tordoff, William


This edition also gives extra coverage of North and South Africa and of such key issues as debt, the Aids epidemic, the position of women and the politics of patronage. Contents Introduction: African Politics Since Independence Colonialism and the Colonial Impact Nationalism

Adeniran, Adebusuyi - Africa Now!, ebook

Africa Now!

Adeniran, Adebusuyi


Introduction: Africa in the Twenty-First Century
Adebusuyi Isaac Adeniran, Lanre Olusegun Ikuteyijo
Part I. Conceptualising the Development Process in Twenty-First Century Africa
2. The Right to Development in a Reconfigured Global Order: Conceptual Dynamism