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Biddix, J. Patrick - Assessment in Student Affairs, ebook

Assessment in Student Affairs

Biddix, J. Patrick


A practical, comprehensive manual for assessment design and implementation
Assessment in Student Affairs, Second Edition offers a contemporary look at the foundational elements and practical application of assessment in student affairs. Higher education

Schuh, John H. - Assessment Methods for Student Affairs, ebook

Assessment Methods for Student Affairs

Schuh, John H.


Editor John Schuh and his fellow contributors, all experts in the field, detail the methodological aspects of conducting assessment projects specifically for the student affairs practitioner who is ready to conduct assessment projects, but is not quite sure how to manage their technical

Mills, Terence C. - A Very British Affair, ebook

A Very British Affair

Mills, Terence C.


Table of contents
1. Time Series Analysis and the British
Terence C. Mills
2. Yule: The Time-Correlation Problem, Nonsense Correlations, Periodicity and Autoregressions
George Udny Yule
3. Kendall: Generalizations and Extensions of Stationary Autoregressive Models
Maurice Kendall
4. Durbin: Inference,

Whyte, George R. - The Dreyfus Affair, ebook

The Dreyfus Affair

Whyte, George R.


Table of contents
1. Politics and Protagonists: 1789–July 1894
George R. Whyte
2. Arrest and Court Martial: July–December 1894
George R. Whyte
3. Degradation and Devil’s Island: January 1895–January 1896
George R. Whyte

Wynne-Davies, Peter - Public Affairs Techniques for Business – 2nd edition, ebook

Public Affairs Techniques for Business – 2nd edition

Wynne-Davies, Peter


Public affairs has become an essential component of any successful company’s strategy for communicating effectively and protecting market share. This Report shows in practical terms how you can counter potential threats to your business through a professionally structured and implemented

Green, Anna Katharine - That Affair Next Door, ebook

That Affair Next Door

Green, Anna Katharine


'That Affair Next Door' (1897) is Anna Katharine Green's eighth in the Detective Gryce series, but the first of several in which the unlikely pair, Miss Butterworth and Ebenezer Gryce, team up to solve crimes despite the (quite entertaining) tension between them. It