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Cooper, David E. - Aesthetics: The Classic Readings, ebook

Aesthetics: The Classic Readings

Cooper, David E.


The newly expanded and revised edition of Cooper’s popular anthology featuring classic writings on aesthetics, both historical and contemporary
The second edition of this bestselling anthology collects essays of canonical significance in aesthetics

King, Ian - The Aesthetics of Dress, ebook

The Aesthetics of Dress

King, Ian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ian W. King
2. Aesthetics and the Everyday
Ian W. King
3. The Body
Ian W. King
4. Dress
Ian W. King
5. Discussion
Ian W. King
6. Concluding Comments and Future Directions
Ian W. King

Cooper, David E. - A Companion to Aesthetics, ebook

A Companion to Aesthetics

Cooper, David E.


Written by prominent scholars covering a wide-range of key topics in aesthetics and the philosophy of art Features revised and expanded entries from the first edition, as well as new chapters on recent developments in aesthetics

Blumenfeld-Jones, Donald S. - Ethics, Aesthetics, and Education, ebook

Ethics, Aesthetics, and Education

Blumenfeld-Jones, Donald S.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Donald S. Blumenfeld-Jones
2. Levinas’s Ethics: A Story of Relationship as Radical Alterity
Donald S. Blumenfeld-Jones
3. Aesthetics, Body, and Ethics
Donald S. Blumenfeld-Jones
4. Levinas in the Classroom: Working Toward the Ethical Consciousness of Living in Relation

Knapp, Peggy A. - Chaucerian Aesthetics, ebook

Chaucerian Aesthetics

Knapp, Peggy A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Why Aesthetics?
Peggy A. Knapp
2. Chaucerian Resoun Ymaginatyf
Peggy A. Knapp
3. Playing with Language Games
Peggy A. Knapp
4. Beautiful Persons
Peggy A. Knapp
5. The Beauty of Women
Peggy A. Knapp
6. The Aesthetics of Laughter
Peggy A. Knapp

Kivy, Peter - Blackwell Guide to Aesthetics, ebook

Blackwell Guide to Aesthetics

Kivy, Peter


The Blackwell Guide to Aesthetics is the most authoritative survey of the central issues in contemporary aesthetics available. The volume features eighteen newly commissioned papers on the evaluation of art, the interpretation of art, and many other

Engelmann, Peter - Politics and Aesthetics, ebook

Politics and Aesthetics

Engelmann, Peter


In this book the influential philosopher Jacques Rancière, in discussion with Peter Engelmann, explores the enduring connection between politics and aesthetics, arguing that aesthetics forms the fundamental basis for social and political upheaval.

Mazzalovo, Gérald - Brand Aesthetics, ebook

Brand Aesthetics

Mazzalovo, Gérald


Brand Aesthetics: Theory and Direct Applications
2. Brand Aesthetics: An Oxymoron?
Gérald Mazzalovo
3. The Relevance of the Concept
Gérald Mazzalovo
4. Historical Foundations: From Experimental Aesthetics

Otter, Samuel - Melville and Aesthetics, ebook

Melville and Aesthetics

Otter, Samuel


Strange Sensations: Sex and Aesthetics in “The Counterpane”
Christopher Looby
6. Dead Bones and Honest Wonders: The Aesthetics of Natural Science in Moby-Dick
Jennifer J. Baker
7. Pulled by the Line: Speed and