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Alfonso-Gil, Javier - European Aeronautics, ebook

European Aeronautics

Alfonso-Gil, Javier


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Objective and Scope of the Study
J Alfonso-Gil
2. Sector and Territory
J P Gilly, Y Dupuy
3. The Aeronautical Sector: Recent Tendencies
J Alfonso-Gil, D Talbot
4. From Specialization to Specification
M Keichidi, V Frigant
5. Aeronautics in Spain: Specialization

Mark, Hans - Adventures in Celestial Mechanics, ebook

Adventures in Celestial Mechanics

Mark, Hans


A fascinating introduction to the basic principles of orbital mechanics
It has been three hundred years since Isaac Newton first formulated laws to explain the orbits of the Moon and the planets of our solar system. In so doing he laid the groundwork…

Kuz'min, Alexander G - Boundary Value Problems for Transonic Flow, ebook

Boundary Value Problems for Transonic Flow

Kuz'min, Alexander G


Transonic flow occurs around moving objects as they approach and cross the sound barrier. Serious problems can occur at this point, such as shock-induced flow separation which can cause the aircraft to spin out of control. Another important practical…

Bagshaw, Michael - Human Performance and Limitations in Aviation, ebook

Human Performance and Limitations in Aviation

Bagshaw, Michael


Human error is cited as a major cause in over 70% of accidents, and it is widely agreed that a better understanding of human capabilities and limitations - both physical and psychological - would help reduce human error and improve flight safety.

Padfield, Gareth D. - Helicopter Flight Dynamics, ebook

Helicopter Flight Dynamics

Padfield, Gareth D.


The behaviour of helicopters is so complex that understanding the physical mechanisms at work in trim, stability and response, and thus the prediction of Flying Qualities, requires a framework of analytical and numerical modelling and simulation. Good…