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Cheng, Hong - The Handbook of International Advertising Research, ebook

The Handbook of International Advertising Research

Cheng, Hong


This timely handbook brings academic excellence to international advertising research in the form of 28 contributions from over 40 leading scholars. The handbook’s comprehensive treatment highlights existing knowledge, reports major findings across the subject, and recommends directions

Eisend, Martin - Advances in Advertising Research VIII, ebook

Advances in Advertising Research VIII

Eisend, Martin


Facial Expressions to Evaluate Advertising: A Laboratory versus Living Room Study
Jose Manuel Ausin, Jaime Guixeres, Enrique Bigné, Mariano Alcañiz
10. High and Light, Dark and Heavy? Using Metaphoric Associations to Affect Perceptions of the Nutritional

Xie, Anne - Advances in Computer Science and Education, ebook

Advances in Computer Science and Education

Xie, Anne


Discussion on Occupation Moral Education in Higher Vocational Colleges
Jushun Li
12. Dynamic Analysis and System Design Based on Diluted Asymmetric Discrete-Time Hopfield Network
Li Tu, Chi Zhang
13. Evaluation Method on the Scientific Research of Local

Buckingham, David - The Material Child, ebook

The Material Child

Buckingham, David


In the process, it challenges much of the received wisdom about the effects of advertising and marketing, arguing for a more balanced account that locates children’s consumption within a broader analysis of social relationships, for example within the family

Lemish, Dafna - Children and Media: A Global Perspective, ebook

Children and Media: A Global Perspective

Lemish, Dafna


Taking a global and interdisciplinary approach, Children and Media explores the role of modern media, including the internet, television, mobile media and video games, in the development of children, adolescents, and childhood.
Primer to global issues…

Jenkins, Jennifer - Global Englishes in Asian Contexts, ebook

Global Englishes in Asian Contexts

Jenkins, Jennifer


English in Asian Advertising and the Teaching of World Englishes
Tej K. Bhatia
Part IV. The Future of Englishes: A Paradigm Shift?
11. Asian Englishes in the Asian Age: Contexts and Challenges
Braj B. Kachru
12. Plurilithic Englishes: Towards a 3D