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Grossman, Julie - Adaptation in Visual Culture, ebook

Adaptation in Visual Culture

Grossman, Julie


What Can Adaptation Studies Learn from Fan Studies?
Laurence Raw
3. The Task of the Adaptation Critic
Glenn Jellenik
4. Mind the Gaps
Thomas Leitch
5. Continuation, Adaptation Studies, and the Never-Finished

Bubeníček, Petr - Subversive Adaptations, ebook

Subversive Adaptations

Bubeníček, Petr


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Petr Bubeníček
2. Adaptation as Subterfuge: Silvery Wind
Petr Bubeníček
3. Adaptation as Play: The Worlds of Jules Verne Come Alive
Petr Bubeníček
4. Adaptation as Challenge: Marketa Lazarová and

McCallum, Robyn - Screen Adaptations and the Politics of Childhood, ebook

Screen Adaptations and the Politics of Childhood

McCallum, Robyn


The Imperial Child and the Romantic Child: Film Adaptation as Cultural Capital
Robyn McCallum
3. The Dream Child and the Wild Child: Adapting the Carnivalesque
Robyn McCallum
4. ‘Flapping Ribbons of Shaped Space-Time’: Genre Mixing, Intertextuality

Newell, Kate - Expanding Adaptation Networks, ebook

Expanding Adaptation Networks

Newell, Kate


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Not in Kansas Anymore: Adaptation Networks
Kate Newell
2. “It Wasn’t Like That in the Movie”: Novelization and Expansion
Kate Newell
3. Imagining the Unimaginable: Illustration as Gateway
Kate Newell
4. Literary Maps and the Creation of a Legend
Kate Newell

Rees, Catherine - Adaptation and Nation, ebook

Adaptation and Nation

Rees, Catherine


“An Interlude”: Adaptation Without Nation: Ivan Turgenev and Brian Friel’s a Month in the Country and Patrick Marber’s Three Days in the Country
Catherine Rees
7. Martin McDonagh: Translating Adaptation into Film
Catherine Rees
8. Conclusion:

Laitinen, Roosa - Molecular Mechanisms in Plant Adaptation, ebook

Molecular Mechanisms in Plant Adaptation

Laitinen, Roosa


Computational tools and molecular advances have provided researchers with significant new insights into the molecular basis of plant adaptation. Molecular Mechanisms in Plant Adaptation provides a comprehensive overview of a wide variety of these different

Mauricio, Rodney - Genetics of Adaptation, ebook

Genetics of Adaptation

Mauricio, Rodney


Theories of adaptation: what they do and don’t say
H. Allen Orr
3. Testing hypotheses regarding the genetics of adaptation
Patrick C. Phillips
4. QTL mapping and the genetic basis of adaptation: recent developments

Hassler-Forest, Dan - The Politics of Adaptation, ebook

The Politics of Adaptation

Hassler-Forest, Dan


Transmediality and the Politics of Adaptation: Concepts, Forms, and Strategies
Jens Eder
7. Bastards and Pirates, Remixes and Multitudes: The Politics of Mash-Up Transgression and the Polyprocesses of Cultural Jazz
Eckart Voigts
Part III. Adapting Postcolonialism: