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Cahill, Tim - The Kindness of Strangers, ebook

The Kindness of Strangers

Cahill, Tim


Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher* A timely collection of inspiring tales, The Kindness of Strangers explores the unexpected human connections that so often transfigure and transform the experience of travel, and celebrates the gift of kindness

Flaubert, Gustave - A Simple Soul, ebook

A Simple Soul

Flaubert, Gustave


The attention to detail, picturesque descriptions, and the loving attitude of Félicité makes this story a perfect read for any fan of beautiful prose and selfless acts of love and kindness.

Cudbird, Terry - Walking the Hexagon, ebook

Walking the Hexagon

Cudbird, Terry


The author relates the highs and lows of a sometimes gruelling trek: the dramatic changes in landscape, the unexpected acts of kindness but also the guard dogs, snorers in hikers' refuges, storms, man-eating insects, blisters,

Lau, Leung Che Miriam - Teaching Shakespeare to ESL Students, ebook

Teaching Shakespeare to ESL Students

Lau, Leung Che Miriam


Lesson 13: “And Say There Is Much Kindness in the Jew” (Act 1, Scene 3)
Leung Che Miriam Lau, Wing Bo Anna Tso
14. Lesson 14: “That Is the Very Defect of the Matter Sir” (Act 2, Scene 2)
Leung Che Miriam Lau, Wing Bo Anna Tso
15. Lesson 15: