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 - Intermediate Accounting For Dummies, ebook

Intermediate Accounting For Dummies


The easy way to master an intermediate accounting course
Intermediate accounting courses are required for students seeking bachelor's degrees in accounting and often for degrees in finance, business administration, and management. Intermediate

 - Audit and Accounting Guide: State and Local Governments 2018, ebook

Audit and Accounting Guide: State and Local Governments 2018


With all the recent changes in state and local government audit and accounting, including changes to some of the more complex areas such as pensions and post-employment benefits other than pensions (OPEB), accountants and financial managers can't afford to be without the most current guidance.

Collings, Steven - Financial Accounting For Dummies, ebook

Financial Accounting For Dummies

Collings, Steven


Your plain–English guide to financial accounting for students and trainees.
Financial Accounting For Dummies provides students who are studying finance, accounting and business with the basic concepts, terminology,

Kelly, Jane - Accounting Workbook For Dummies, ebook

Accounting Workbook For Dummies

Kelly, Jane

From 23,80€

Want to become an accountant? Own a small business but need help balancing your books? Worried about managing your finances under the cloud of the recession?

This hands-on workbook gets you up to speed with the basics of business accounting, including reading financial reports,

Morris, Joseph - Software Industry Accounting, ebook

Software Industry Accounting

Morris, Joseph


The software industry is being inundated with important accounting and valuation questions. The rules and regulations governing accounting of the software industry are very different from other industries. The software industry has unique accounting

Bragg, Steven M. - Inventory Accounting: A Comprehensive Guide, ebook

Inventory Accounting: A Comprehensive Guide

Bragg, Steven M.


Dramatically improve inventory accuracy with bestselling author Steven Bragg's step-by-step guidelines
Inventory Accounting is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to setting up an inventory accounting system and keeping it running at maximum efficiency.