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Junne, Barbara - Accountability, ebook


Junne, Barbara


Table of contents
1. Intro
Barbara Junne
2. Die Situation der Kindertagesbetreuung in Deutschland
Barbara Junne
3. Qualitätsmanagement und Dimensionen von Accountability
Barbara Junne
4. Forschungsmethodologie und -methode:…

Goetz, Anne Marie - Reinventing Accountability, ebook

Reinventing Accountability

Goetz, Anne Marie


Where Accountability Meets Governance: Globalization, Participation and Corruption
Anne Marie Goetz, Rob Jenkins
3. Accountability Failures and Human Development
Anne Marie Goetz, Rob Jenkins
4. New Roles for Accountability Actors
Anne Marie Goetz,

Tilley, Stephen - Accountability in Nursing and Midwifery, ebook

Accountability in Nursing and Midwifery

Tilley, Stephen


Accountability is a key concern for nurses and midwives in the NHS today. Professional accountability--being responsible for your actions and for the outcomes of these actions--is part of the framework of clinical governance, which aims to provide good

Guagnin, Daniel - Managing Privacy through Accountability, ebook

Managing Privacy through Accountability

Guagnin, Daniel


The Meaning of ‘Accountability’ in the Information Privacy Context
Charles Raab
3. The Accountability Approach to Privacy and Data Protection: Assumptions and Caveats
Colin J. Bennett
4. The Accountability

Kritt, David W. - Constructivist Education in an Age of Accountability, ebook

Constructivist Education in an Age of Accountability

Kritt, David W.


Reconceptualizing Accountability: The Ethical Importance of Expanding Understandings of Literacy and Assessment for Twenty-First-Century Learners
Kathryn Hibbert, Luigi Iannacci
8. Where DAP Is Due: Constructing Community Across Difference with the Dialogue