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Smith, Jonathan D. H. - Post-Modern Algebra, ebook

Post-Modern Algebra

Smith, Jonathan D. H.


Advanced algebra in the service of contemporary mathematical research-- a unique introduction.
This volume takes an altogether new approach to advanced algebra. Its intriguing title, inspired by the term postmodernism, denotes a departure from van

Lax, Peter D. - Linear Algebra and Its Applications, ebook

Linear Algebra and Its Applications

Lax, Peter D.


" -American Mathematical Monthly
Linear Algebra and Its Applications, Second Edition presents linear algebra as the theory and practice of linear spaces and linear maps with a unique focus on the analytical aspects as well as

Herbera, Dolors - Extended Abstracts Spring 2015, ebook

Extended Abstracts Spring 2015

Herbera, Dolors


Homological Algebra on an Adams Algebraic Stack
Leovigildo Alonso Tarrío
2. Lyubeznik Numbers of Local Rings and Linear Strands of Graded Ideals
Josep Àlvarez Montaner
3. The Heart of a t-Structure Induced by a n-Tilting Module
Silvana Bazzoni

Grove, Larry C. - Groups and Characters, ebook

Groups and Characters

Grove, Larry C.


Presuming only a basic knowledge of abstract algebra as in a first-year graduate course, the text opens with a review of background material and then guides readers carefully through several of the most important aspects of groups

Adamyan, Vadim M. - Modern Analysis and Applications, ebook

Modern Analysis and Applications

Adamyan, Vadim M.


Anatomy of the C*-algebra Generated by Toeplitz Operators with Piece-wise Continuous Symbols
Sergei Grudsky, Nikolai Vasilevski
15. Block Tridiagonal Matrices and a Beefed-up Version of the Ehrenfest Urn Model
F. Alberto Grünbaum
16. On The Unitarization