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Abraham, Ajith - Intelligent Systems for Computer Modelling, ebook

Intelligent Systems for Computer Modelling

Abraham, Ajith


Table of contents
1. Finite Element Modelling of T-Plate for Treatment of Distal Radius
K. Frydrýšek, G. Theisz, L. Bialy, L. Pliska, L. Pleva
2. The Enlarged d-q Model of Induction Motor with the Iron Loss and Saturation Effect of Magnetizing and Leakage Inductance
Jan Otýpka, Petr Orság, Vítězslav Stýskala,

Ramady, Mohamed A. - The GCC Economies, ebook

The GCC Economies

Ramady, Mohamed A.


Deepening the GCC Debt Markets: The Saudi Arabian Experience
Abraham Abraham, Fazal J. Seyyed
3. GCC Economic Integration: Statistical Harmonization for an Effective Monetary Union
Ikhlaas Gurrib
4. E-Learning in the Arab Gulf: Responding to the Changing