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Moore, Elena - Divorce, Families and Emotion Work, ebook

Divorce, Families and Emotion Work

Moore, Elena


Changing Families and Regulating Change in Family Life
Elena Moore
3. Understanding Families and Personal Relationships
Elena Moore
4. Egalitarians, Guilt and Shame
Elena Moore
5. Dependants: Living Between

Gauthier, Jacques–Antoine - Families and Personal Networks, ebook

Families and Personal Networks

Gauthier, Jacques–Antoine


Changing Meanings of Family in Personal Relationships: A Comparative Perspective
Karin Wall, Rita Gouveia, Gaëlle Aeby, Vida Česnuitytė
5. Mapping the Plurality of Personal Configurations
Gaëlle Aeby, Eric D. Widmer, Vida Česnuitytė, Rita Gouveia

Clarke, Jennifer - Today’s Youth and Mental Health, ebook

Today’s Youth and Mental Health

Clarke, Jennifer


Immigrant and Refugee Youth Mental Health in Canada: A Scoping Review of Empirical Literature
Attia Khan, Nazilla Khanlou, Jacqueline Stol, Vicky Tran
2. Precarious Status: Youth Mental Health at the Intersections of Identity

Sportel, Iris - Divorce in Transnational Families, ebook

Divorce in Transnational Families

Sportel, Iris


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Iris Sportel
2. The Contexts of Transnational Divorce
Iris Sportel
3. Legal Aspects of Divorce
Iris Sportel
4. The Transnational Divorce Process
Iris Sportel
5. Marital Power and the…

Bastien, Sheri - Youth as Architects of Social Change, ebook

Youth as Architects of Social Change

Bastien, Sheri


Positioning Youth as Social Innovators on the Global Stage
1. The Sustainable Development Goals and the Role of Youth-Driven Innovation for Social Change
Sheri Bastien, Halla B. Holmarsdottir
2. Global Perspectives on

Burton, Dorian - Boys and Men in African American Families, ebook

Boys and Men in African American Families

Burton, Dorian


Repairing the Breach Revisited: A Focus on Families and Black Males
Linda M. Burton, Dorian Burton, Bobby Austin
Part I. African American Boys and Their Families
2. Adjustment and Developmental Patterns of African American Males: The Roles of Families,

Haskett, Mary E. - Child and Family Well-Being and Homelessness, ebook

Child and Family Well-Being and Homelessness

Haskett, Mary E.


Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Families Experiencing Homelessness: Introduction to the Brief
Mary E. Haskett
2. Mental Health and Adaptation of Children Experiencing Family Homelessness
Janette E. Herbers, J. J. Cutuli, Lyuboslava Kolarova, Amanda

Oinonen, Eriikka - Families in Converging Europe, ebook

Families in Converging Europe

Oinonen, Eriikka


Introduction: Families in Converging Europe
Eriikka Oinonen
Part I. The Changing European Family
2. Family Patterns — Convergence or Divergence
Eriikka Oinonen
3. Explaining Family Changes
Eriikka Oinonen
Part II. Towards the Case Studies

Jallinoja, Riitta - Families and Kinship in Contemporary Europe, ebook

Families and Kinship in Contemporary Europe

Jallinoja, Riitta


Making Family at a Wedding: Bilateral Kinship and Equality
Florence Maillochon, Anna-Maija Castrén
4. Christmas Celebration, an Annual Family Gathering
Roland Hauri
5. Family Photographs: Putting Families on Display
Antònia Gomila
6. Obituaries