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1914, War Office - The Monthly Army List for August 1914 - Vol 1, ebook

The Monthly Army List for August 1914 - Vol 1

1914, War Office


The monthly Army List is the official list of all army officers, regular, territorial or reserve, as at the end of the month immediately prior to the date of publication, and this makes the August 1914 Army List a most significant one. But it is not just a list of names, it shows the command

Lang, Seán - First World War For Dummies, ebook

First World War For Dummies

Lang, Seán

From 22,35€

From the Somme to Gallipoli to the home front, First World War For Dummies provides an authoritative, accessible, and engaging introduction to the War to End All Wars. It takes

Horne, John - A Companion to World War I, ebook

A Companion to World War I

Horne, John


A Companion to the First World War brings together an international team of distinguished historians who provide a series of original and thought-provoking essays on one of the most devastating events in modern history.Comprises

Moore, Ald. H. Keatley - Croydon and the Great War, ebook

Croydon and the Great War

Moore, Ald. H. Keatley


The last 200 or so pages of this book are taken up with the alphabetical listing of “The Glorious Dead” (2506), the list of Naval and Military Honours (499), also with names in alphabetical order, and thirdly the names of the Returned Prisoners of War(207). In the case of the Fallen

Inglis, James C. - Brodick-Arran and the Great War, ebook

Brodick-Arran and the Great War

Inglis, James C.


Another reference work for those tracing relatives or other individuals from the isle of Arran, who served during the Great War, and wanting information on their war service - especially those connected with the main town, Brodick. At the national registration

Smith, Graham - The Mighty Eighth in World War II, ebook

The Mighty Eighth in World War II

Smith, Graham


Over the next two years their numbers swelled to a massive and powerful force of bombers and fighters described by one USAAF General as 'the greatest striking force the world has ever known'. They occuped no less than 67 airfields

Pipe, Jim - World War One, A Very Peculiar History, ebook

World War One, A Very Peculiar History

Pipe, Jim


With the centenary of the outbreak of the The Great War coming in 2014, 'World War One, A Very Peculiar History' commemorates the events of the time by looking at some of the incredible lengths, no matter how risky

Pattinson, Juliette - War in a Twilight World, ebook

War in a Twilight World

Pattinson, Juliette


‘One senses danger from all sides, especially from fanatical civilians’: The 121st Infantry Division and Partisan War, June 1941–April 1942
Jeff Rutherford
4. The Relationship between Soviet Partisans and the Civilian Population in Belorussia under German

Gorges, Brigadier-General E. Howard - The Great War in West Africa, ebook

The Great War in West Africa

Gorges, Brigadier-General E. Howard


The campaign in West Africa during the Great War is overshadowed by the more famous fight agains the elusive German genius of guerilla warfare, Gen. von Lettow-Vorbeck in East Africa. This account by the British Commander in West Africa, redresses the balance. Gorges describes the Anglo-French