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Leaman, Oliver - Islamic Philosophy, ebook

Islamic Philosophy

Leaman, Oliver


Although Islamic philosophy represents one of the leading philosophical traditions in the world, it has only recently begun to receive the attention it deserves in the non-Islamic world. This important text provides

Gabriel, Markus - Why the World Does Not Exist, ebook

Why the World Does Not Exist

Gabriel, Markus


Where do we come from? Are we merely a cluster of elementary particles in a gigantic world receptacle? And what does it all mean?
In this highly original new book, the philosopher Markus Gabriel challenges our notion of what exists and what it means to exist. He questions the idea that

Reck, Erich H. - The Historical Turn in Analytic Philosophy, ebook

The Historical Turn in Analytic Philosophy

Reck, Erich H.


Introduction: Analytic Philosophy and Philosophical History
Erich H. Reck
Part I. Case Studies
2. Philosophy and the Tide of History: Bertrand Russell’s Role in the Rise of Analytic Philosophy
Stewart Candlish
3. Taking the Measure of Carnap’s

Heller, Michael - Philosophy in Science, ebook

Philosophy in Science

Heller, Michael


The First Task of the Philosophy of Nature—The Problem of Elementarity
Michael Heller
2. The Philosophical Myth of Creation—The Platonic Philosophy of Nature
Michael Heller
3. Aristotle’s Physics
Michael Heller
4. Aristotle’s

Bueno, Otávio - A Companion to Latin American Philosophy, ebook

A Companion to Latin American Philosophy

Bueno, Otávio


This comprehensive collection of original essays written by an international group of scholars addresses the central themes in Latin American philosophy. Represents the most comprehensive survey of historical and contemporary Latin American philosophy

Irwin, William - Alien and Philosophy: I Infest, Therefore I Am, ebook

Alien and Philosophy: I Infest, Therefore I Am

Irwin, William


Alien and Philosophy: I Infest, Therefore I Am presents a philosophical exploration of the world of Alien, the simultaneously horrifying and thought-provoking sci-fi horror masterpiece, and the film franchise it spawned. The first book dedicated to

Swift, Adam - Political Philosophy, ebook

Political Philosophy

Swift, Adam


But what do these ideas really mean? How can politicians across the political spectrum appeal to the same values?

This new