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A World at War

A World at War

History, World


Since Nazi Germany's troops had invaded Poland in 1939 and thus threw the world into another great war, the fighting had evolved into the most ruthless that the world has ever seen. But the brutality did not stop on the battlefield.

The Rise of the Third Reich

The Rise of the Third Reich

History, World


It is the story of an entire population who let themselves be seduced and chose to ignore murder and persecution and, ultimately, willingly followed their Fuhrer into the most brutal and devastating war in history.

Weller, R. Charles - 21st-Century Narratives of World History, ebook

21st-Century Narratives of World History

Weller, R. Charles


‘Grand Narrative’ and ‘New’ World Histories: Their Historical Challenges and Contributions in Western Scholarship
R. Charles Weller
2. ‘Western’ and ‘White Civilization’: White Nationalism and Eurocentrism

Adamson, George - El Niño in World History, ebook

El Niño in World History

Adamson, George


The Influence of El Niño on World Crises in the Nineteenth Century
Richard Grove, George Adamson
Part II. The Science of El Niño and the Southern Oscillation
6. The Discovery of ENSO
Richard Grove, George Adamson
7. Cataloguing the El Niño

Kaufman, Stuart J. - The Balance of Power in World History, ebook

The Balance of Power in World History

Kaufman, Stuart J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Balance and Hierarchy in International Systems
William C. Wohlforth, Stuart J. Kaufman, Richard Little
2. Balancing and Balancing Failure in Biblical Times: Assyria and the Ancient Middle Eastern System, 900–600 BCE
Stuart J. Kaufman, William C. Wohlforth
3. The Greek City-States

Hughes-Warrington, Marnie - Palgrave Advances in World Histories, ebook

Palgrave Advances in World Histories

Hughes-Warrington, Marnie


Centres and Margins: The Fall of Universal History and the Rise of Multicultural World History
Ricardo Duchesne
8. Modern, Postmodern, World
Michael Lang
9. Gender
Judith P. Zinsser
10. Readers, Responses and Popular Culture
Marnie Hughes-Warrington

Northrop, Douglas - A Companion to World History, ebook

A Companion to World History

Northrop, Douglas

From 40,50€

A Companion to World History presents over 30 essays from an international group of historians that both identify continuing areas of contention, disagreement, and divergence in world and global history,