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Boggio, Andrea - Health and Development, ebook

Health and Development

Boggio, Andrea


The World Health Organization and its Role in Health and Development
Riikka Koskenmaki, Egle Granziera, Gian Luca Burci
3. Beyond the Matrix: Thinking Three-dimensionally About Social Determinants of Health
Ted Schrecker,

Youde, Jeremy - Global Health Governance, ebook

Global Health Governance

Youde, Jeremy


In recent years the spread of diseases such as AIDS, SARS and avian flu has pushed health issues towards the top of the international agenda. Such outbreaks have serious political, economic, and social consequences and remind the world of the necessity

Kickbusch, Ilona - Global Health Diplomacy, ebook

Global Health Diplomacy

Kickbusch, Ilona


Global Health Diplomacy: An Introduction
2. The History and Evolution of Global Health Diplomacy
Ilona Kickbusch, Margarita Ivanova
3. Current and Future Issues in Global Health Diplomacy
Graham Lister, Michaela Told
4. Global Health Law

Frey, Marc - International Organizations and Development, 1945–1990, ebook

International Organizations and Development, 1945–1990

Frey, Marc


Introduction: International Organizations, Global Development, and the Making of the Contemporary World
Marc Frey, Sönke Kunkel, Corinna R. Unger
2. Technical Internationalism and Economic Development at the Founding Moment of the UN System
Daniel Speich