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Wile, Lawrence - The Jaynes Legacy, ebook

The Jaynes Legacy

Wile, Lawrence


Julian Jaynes' 1976 book, The Origins of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, continues to arouse an unsettling ambivalence. Richard Dawkins called it "either complete rubbish or a work of consummate genius, nothing in between". The

Lowery, Gwen - Managing Projects With Microsoft Project 2000: For Windows, ebook

Managing Projects With Microsoft Project 2000: For Windows

Lowery, Gwen


It puts you in control of every new feature and enhanced capability, including how to: SCHEDULE TASKS AND TRACK PROGRESS using task calendars, deadline dates, estimated durations, baseline and interim plans, and more MANAGE RESOURCES FOR BETTER TASK SCHEDULING with new methods that let you vary resource

Siegel, Neil G. - Engineering Project Management, ebook

Engineering Project Management

Siegel, Neil G.


Every topic – from developing a work-breakdown structure and an effective project plan, to creating credible predictions for schedules and costs, through monitoring the progress of your engineering

Mochal, Tom - Lessons in Project Management, ebook

Lessons in Project Management

Mochal, Tom


Use the Work Breakdown Structure to Identify All the Work
Tom Mochal, Jeff Mochal
46. Write Your Status Reports from the Reader’s Perspective
Tom Mochal, Jeff Mochal
47. Update

Hoffmann, Georg F. - Inherited Metabolic Diseases, ebook

Inherited Metabolic Diseases

Hoffmann, Georg F.


Disorders of the Biosynthesis and Breakdown of Complex Molecules
Johannes Zschocke
3. Neurotransmitter Defects and Related Disorders
Georg F. Hoffmann
Part II. Approach to the Patient
4. When to Suspect Metabolic Disease
William L. Nyhan

Randolph, Nick - Professional Visual Studio 2010, ebook

Professional Visual Studio 2010

Randolph, Nick


Everything you need is contained in the first five chapters, from the IDE structure and layout to the various options and settings you can change to make the user interface synchronize with your own way of doing things.
From there, the remainder of the book is