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Chauhan, Shakti S. - Wood is Good, ebook

Wood is Good

Chauhan, Shakti S.


Wood Properties and Variability
1. Optimizing Wood Utilization Based on Whole Tree Inherent Property Maps
Mathew Leitch, Scott Miller
2. Screening Corewood of Pine for Wood Properties
M. Sharma, J. C. F. Walker,

Schweingruber, Fritz Hans - Wood Structure and Environment, ebook

Wood Structure and Environment

Schweingruber, Fritz Hans


Preparation of Wood and Herb Samples for Microscopic Analysis
3. Growth Zones and Stems in Relation to Genetic Ecological Factors
4. Modification of the Tree-Ring Anatomy Due to Ageing and the Position Within the Tree
5. Modification of the Tree-Ring Structure

Walker, John C. F. - Primary Wood Processing, ebook

Primary Wood Processing

Walker, John C. F.


Basic wood chemistry and cell wall ultrastructure
John C. F. Walker
3. Water in wood
John C. F. Walker
4. Dimensional instability in timber
Morwenna Spear, John C. F. Walker
5. Wood quality: in context
Shakti Chauhan, Robert Donnelly, Chih-lin

Rahman, Md Rezaur - Wood Polymer Nanocomposites, ebook

Wood Polymer Nanocomposites

Rahman, Md Rezaur


Combined Styrene/MMA/Nanoclay Crosslinker Effect on Wood Polymer Nanocomposites (WPNCs)
M. R. Rahman, J. C. H. Lai
4. Oxidation of Wood Species by Sodium Metaperiodate and Impregnation with Phenyl Hydrazine
M. R. Rahman

Bucur, Voichita - Acoustics of Wood, ebook

Acoustics of Wood

Bucur, Voichita


Environmental Modifiers of Wood Structural Parameters Detected with Ultrasonic Waves
10. Acoustic Emission
11. Acousto-Ultrasonics
12. High-Power Ultrasonic Treatment for Wood Processing

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Fromm, Jörg - Cellular Aspects of Wood Formation, ebook

Cellular Aspects of Wood Formation

Fromm, Jörg


Topochemical and Electron Microscopic Analyses on the Lignification of Individual Cell Wall Layers During Wood Formation and Secondary Changes
Gerald Koch, Uwe Schmitt
3. New Insights into Heartwood and Heartwood Formation
Andreas Kampe, Elisabeth Magel