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Sarfaraz, Leyla - Women's Entrepreneurship in Iran, ebook

Women's Entrepreneurship in Iran

Sarfaraz, Leyla


Table of contents
Part I. Women’s Entrepreneurship in Iran: A Comparative Perspective
1. Business Environment in Iran
Leyla Sarfaraz
2. Dynamics of Women’s Entrepreneurship Development in Iran
Leyla Sarfaraz
3. Social, Human…

Elston, Cherilyn - Women's Writing in Colombia, ebook

Women's Writing in Colombia

Elston, Cherilyn


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Modernity’s Rebel Daughters
Cherilyn Elston
2. La Violencia, Postmodernity and Feminism: The Nonsynchronicity of Albalucía Ángel
Cherilyn Elston
3. “Ni Engels, ni Freud, ni Reich”: Marvel…

Wisker, Gina - Contemporary Women's Gothic Fiction, ebook

Contemporary Women's Gothic Fiction

Wisker, Gina


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gina Wisker
2. Angela Carter: Living in Gothic Times
Gina Wisker
3. Margaret Atwood and Canadian Women’s Gothic—Spite, Lies, Split Selves and Self-Deception
Gina Wisker
4. Cultural Haunting:…

Brown, Carrie M. - Women's Evolving Lives, ebook

Women's Evolving Lives

Brown, Carrie M.


Table of contents
1. The Status of Women: Worldwide Trends
Judith L. Gibbons, Nicole M. Summers, Katelyn E. Poelker
2. Women’s Lives in Contemporary Chinese Societies
Fanny M. Cheung, Catherine S. K. Tang
3. About Asian Indian Women:…

Walby, Sylvia - The Future of Feminism, ebook

The Future of Feminism

Walby, Sylvia


Feminism is not dead. This is not a postfeminist era. Feminism is still vibrant, despite declarations that it is over. Feminism is a success, although many gender inequalities remain. Feminism is taking powerful new forms, which makes it unrecognisable…

Alcoff, Linda Martín - Rape and Resistance, ebook

Rape and Resistance

Alcoff, Linda Martín


Sexual violence has become a topic of intense media scrutiny, thanks to the bravery of survivors coming forward to tell their stories. But, unfortunately, mainstream public spheres too often echo reports in a way that inhibits proper understanding of…

Rosser, Sue V. - Academic Women in STEM Faculty, ebook

Academic Women in STEM Faculty

Rosser, Sue V.


Table of contents
1. Who Are the NSF POWRE Awardees: Why are their Experiences Significant for Academic Women Scientists?
Sue V. Rosser
2. Revisiting POWRE Awardees After a Decade: Continuing Issues for Successful Academic Women Scientists…