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Patterson, Tim - Home Winemaking For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Home Winemaking For Dummies®

Patterson, Tim


In Home Winemaking For Dummies, he discusses, from grape to bottle, the art of winemaking, including whether to make wine from a kit, concentrate, juice, or grapes; and how to determine what equipment is required; select the right

Smyth, Mervyn - Solar Energy in the Winemaking Industry, ebook

Solar Energy in the Winemaking Industry

Smyth, Mervyn


Table of contents
1. Introduction to the Solar Winery
Mervyn Smyth, James Russell
2. Introduction to Winemaking
Tony Milanowski
3. Solar Technology
Mervyn Smyth
4. Energy Flows in Winemaking Facilities
Mervyn Smyth
5. Review of Existing Solar Wineries
Mervyn Smyth
6. Solar Winery Design

Grainger, Keith - Wine Production and Quality, ebook

Wine Production and Quality

Grainger, Keith


Since the publication of Wine Production: Vine to Bottle (2005) and Wine Quality: Tasting and Selection (2009), there has been a great deal of change in the wine industry, and the perceptions of critics and expectations of consumers have shifted. Wine…

Holzapfel, Wilhelm H. - Lactic Acid Bacteria: Biodiversity and Taxonomy, ebook

Lactic Acid Bacteria: Biodiversity and Taxonomy

Holzapfel, Wilhelm H.


  They are also important to the brewing and winemaking industries, where they are often undesirable intruders but can in specific cases have desirable benefits. The LAB are also used in producing silage and other agricultural animal feeds.  Clinically, they

Grainger, Keith - Wine Quality: Tasting and Selection, ebook

Wine Quality: Tasting and Selection

Grainger, Keith


Today producers can control the growing and winemaking processes, and the consumer may choose from a vast array of wines, both fine and ordinary. Tasting and evaluating these requires knowledge, skill and diligence.

This book provides a concise, easy to use

McCarthy, Ed - Wine For Dummies, ebook

Wine For Dummies

McCarthy, Ed


The #1 wine book—now updated!
The art of winemaking may be a time-honored tradition dating back thousands of years, but today, wine is trendier and hotter than ever. Now, wine experts and authors Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan have revised their popular Wine For Dummies to

Aspler, Tony - Canadian Wine for Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Canadian Wine for Dummies®

Aspler, Tony


This is the perfect guide if you’re interested in: Entertaining at home Collecting wine Cooking with wine Touring Canadian vineyards Impressing your friends
Explore all the factors that influence a wine 212;from the soil the grapes grow in to the winemaking