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Malmirae, Pekka - Windows Vista, ebook

Windows Vista

Malmirae, Pekka


Är du en ny datoranvändare eller vill du uppgradera dina kunskaper till Windows Vista-miljön? Med hjälp av den här boken lär du dig effektivt grunderna i Windows Vista.

Rathbone, Andy - Windows Vista For Dummies, ebook

Windows Vista For Dummies

Rathbone, Andy


Create music CDs and photo DVDs or even watch TV
Move your files to a new computer, or get your old PC ready for Vista
The thing that's made Windows For Dummies so successful is that it's packed with the basics you need to make Windows

Campbell, Tony - Windows Vista, ebook

Windows Vista

Campbell, Tony


Using Windows Internet Explorer 7
18. Setting Up Windows Mail
19. Collaborating with Windows Meeting Space
20. Using Windows Fax and Scan
21. Working with Windows Media Player 11
22. Working with Windows Movie Maker
23. Working with Windows Photo

Grotegut, Martin - Windows Vista, ebook

Windows Vista

Grotegut, Martin


Table of contents
1. Systemaufbau Windows Vista
2. Installation
3. Die Arbeitsoberfläche
4. Windows Systemsteuerung und Verwaltungsprogramme
5. Datenträgerverwaltung
6. Netzwerk
7. Benutzerkonten und lokale Gruppen einrichten und verwalten
8. Drucker einrichten und verwalten
9. Die Faxdienste

Harvey, Greg - Windows Vista For Dummies Quick Reference, ebook

Windows Vista For Dummies Quick Reference

Harvey, Greg


Readers will save themselves time and energy by using this handy, A-to-Z reference to quickly find answers regarding the exciting new release of Windows Vista Includes helpful information on the new features of Vista,

McFedries, Paul - Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows Vista, ebook

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Windows Vista

McFedries, Paul


This book puts visual learners at ease by showing them how to maximize the new Windows features and interface Concise explanations walk readers through more than 150 Windows Vista tasks, covering everything

Grotegut, Martin - Windows Vista Service Pack 1, ebook

Windows Vista Service Pack 1

Grotegut, Martin


Table of contents
1. Service-Pack-1-Versionen
2. Installation des Service Packs 1
3. Neuerungen des Service Packs 1

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Thurrott, Paul - Windows 8 Secrets, ebook

Windows 8 Secrets

Thurrott, Paul


Tips, tricks, treats, and secrets revealed on Windows 8
Microsoft is introducing a major new release of its Windows operating system, Windows 8, and what better way to learn all its ins and outs than from two internationally recognized Windows

Boyce, Jim - Windows 8 Bible, ebook

Windows 8 Bible

Boyce, Jim


From the new Windows 82032s lock screen and the new Internet Explorer to a built-in PDF reader and new user interface, Windows 8 is not only a replacement for Windows 7 but a serious OS for