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Hay, David - Why Spirituality is Difficult for Westeners, ebook

Why Spirituality is Difficult for Westeners

Hay, David


Dr Hay is Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen. A zoologist by profession, his research has been guided by the hypothesis that religious or spiritual awareness is biologically natural to the human species and has been selected for in the process of organic evolution

Hay, Colin - Why We Hate Politics, ebook

Why We Hate Politics

Hay, Colin

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How has this come to pass? Why do we hate politics and politicians so much? How pervasive is the contemporary condition of political disaffection? And what is politics anyway?

In this lively and original work, Colin Hay provides a series of innovative

Desachy, Florence - Mi perro no obedece ¡Hay solución!, ebook

Mi perro no obedece ¡Hay solución!

Desachy, Florence


¿Su perro no le obedece? ¿Le pone a prueba? ¿No es un animal alegre? ¿La situación le supera totalmente? ¡Pues sepa que no es una fatalidad! Los trastornos del comportamiento se han convertido en una preocupación prioritaria de los dueños de perros.…

Hay, William Anthony - The Whig Revival, 1808–1830, ebook

The Whig Revival, 1808–1830

Hay, William Anthony


Social Tension and Party Politics in 1819
William Anthony Hay
6. Public Opinion and the Limits of Opposition: 1820–26
William Anthony Hay
7. A Revolution in Parties: 1827–30
William Anthony Hay

Hay, Colin - The Coming Crisis, ebook

The Coming Crisis

Hay, Colin


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Coming Crisis, the Gathering Storm
Colin Hay, Tom Hunt
2. We are Not in Kansas Anymore: Economic and Political Shocks
Helen Thompson
3. On ‘the Other Crisis’: Diagnosing the Socio-Ecological Crisis
Martin Craig
4. Stagflation and the Shackles of Market Discipline