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Daly, Mary - Welfare, ebook


Daly, Mary

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Welfare is an important concept in the social sciences. It is also challenged and contested not only by alternative concepts but also as a political goal in itself. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, this book takes a fresh look at the continuing relevance of welfare

Yeates, James - Animal Welfare in Veterinary Practice, ebook

Animal Welfare in Veterinary Practice

Yeates, James


A practical guide to help veterinarians improve the welfare of their patients in their everyday work. A concise and accessible introduction to welfare that is both interesting and valuable in practice.
The book describes ways to evaluate patients,

Behling, Felix - Welfare Beyond the Welfare State, ebook

Welfare Beyond the Welfare State

Behling, Felix


Building the Welfare State in the Nineteenth Century
Felix Behling
4. Employee Welfare in the Shadow of the Post-war Welfare State
Felix Behling
5. The Heyday of Welfare States—A

Kurian, Nimmi - Welfare States and the Future, ebook

Welfare States and the Future

Kurian, Nimmi


Introduction: Welfare States and the Future
B. Vivekanandan, Nimmi Kurian
2. Welfare States in Perspective
Pradip Bose
3. Economic Foundations of Welfare State Systems
Sandwip Kumar Das
4. A World Economy Based on the Welfare State Principle

Gamble, Andrew - Can the Welfare State Survive?, ebook

Can the Welfare State Survive?

Gamble, Andrew


Spending on the welfare state did not cause the crisis, but deep cuts in welfare budgets has become the default policy response. The welfare state is seen as a burden on wealth creation which

Stankov, Petar - Economic Freedom and Welfare Before and After the Crisis, ebook

Economic Freedom and Welfare Before and After the Crisis

Stankov, Petar


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Petar Stankov
2. Contemporary Views on Welfare and Reforms
Petar Stankov
3. Policies and Reforms
Petar Stankov
4. Policy Convergence Vs. Welfare Convergence
Petar Stankov
5. Welfare and Reforms: Evidence
Petar Stankov
6. Crises, Welfare, and Populism

Jewell, Christopher J. - Agents of the Welfare State, ebook

Agents of the Welfare State

Jewell, Christopher J.


Linking Welfare Caseworker Decision Making to State Institutions
Christopher J. Jewell
3. Welfare Caseworkers in California, the United States: Eligibility Technicians and the Regulation of Desert
Christopher J. Jewell
4. Welfare Caseworkers in Bremen,