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Xu, Peng-Fei - Catalytic Cascade Reactions, ebook

Catalytic Cascade Reactions

Xu, Peng-Fei


Demonstrates the advantages of catalytic cascade reactions for synthesizing natural products and pharmaceuticals
Riding the wave of green chemistry, catalytic cascade reactions have become one of the most active research areas in organic synthesis.…

Wang, Da Wei David - Urban Villages in the New China, ebook

Urban Villages in the New China

Wang, Da Wei David


Table of contents
1. Urban Villages in Words and Senses
Da Wei David Wang
2. The Origin of Shenzhen’s Urban Village: Policies and Backgrounds
Da Wei David Wang
3. The Villages and Shenzhen City: History, Transition, and Coexistence
Da Wei David Wang
4. Migrant City and Migrant Villages
Da Wei

Wang, Wei - Biological Drug Products: Development and Strategies, ebook

Biological Drug Products: Development and Strategies

Wang, Wei


This book overviews the fundamental aspects, challenges, and strategies for developing a variety of biological drugs -- a large and growing segment of the pharmaceutical industry. Contributing authors discuss the development process, safety and clinical…

Wang, Wei - Aggregation of Therapeutic Proteins, ebook

Aggregation of Therapeutic Proteins

Wang, Wei


This book gives pharmaceutical scientists an up-to-date resource on protein aggregation and its consequences, and available methods to control or slow down the aggregation process. While significant progress has been made in the past decade, the current…