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Clothier, Ben - Professional Access 2013 Programming, ebook

Professional Access 2013 Programming

Clothier, Ben

From 51,70€

Access 2013 provides significant new features for building robust line-of-business solutions for web, client and integrated environments.  This book was written by a team of Microsoft Access

Li, Juanzi - Semantic Web and Web Science, ebook

Semantic Web and Web Science

Li, Juanzi


Proactive Recommendation Based on EL Concept Learning
Jianfeng Du, Shuai Wang, Bohong Lin, Xiaoli Yao, Yong Hu
5. Impact of Multimedia in Sina Weibo: Popularity and Life Span
Xun Zhao, Feida Zhu, Weining Qian, Aoying Zhou
6. Ontology-Based

Cardoso, Jorge - The Semantic Web, ebook

The Semantic Web

Cardoso, Jorge


Semantic Web Technologies For The Financial Domain
Rubén Lara, Iván Cantador, Pablo Castells
4. Intelligent Search Engine For Online Access To Municipal Services
Jose Manuel Gómez-Pérez, Richard Benjamins, Mercedes

Huang, Runhe - Wisdom Web of Things, ebook

Wisdom Web of Things

Huang, Runhe


Context-Awareness in Autonomic Communication and in Accessing Web Information: Issues and Challenges
Francesco Chiti, Romano Fantacci, Gabriella Pasi, Francesco Tisato
Part II. Wisdom Web

Yee, Raymond - Pro Web 2.0 Mashups, ebook

Pro Web 2.0 Mashups

Yee, Raymond


Remixing a Single Web Application Using Its API
6. Learning Web Services APIs Through Flickr
7. Exploring Other Web APIs
8. Learning Ajax/JavaScript Widgets and Their APIs
Part 3. Making Mashups
9. Moving from APIs

Mueller, John Paul - Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 For Dummies, ebook

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 For Dummies

Mueller, John Paul


Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 was made to help you handle e-mail, meeting management, and other essential office services. Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 For Dummies helps you get a handle on Exchange Server. Pretty slick, huh?

Davies, John - Towards the Semantic Web: Ontology-driven Knowledge Management, ebook

Towards the Semantic Web: Ontology-driven Knowledge Management

Davies, John


With the current changes driven by the expansion of the World Wide Web, this book uses a different approach from other books on the market: it applies ontologies to electronically available information to improve the quality of knowledge management in large and distributed organizations.