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Chanson, Samuel T. - Web Content Delivery, ebook

Web Content Delivery

Chanson, Samuel T.


Caching and Distribution Issues for Streaming Content Distribution Networks
Michael Zink, Prashant Shenoy
12. Peer-to-Peer Assisted Streaming Proxy
Lei Guo, Xiaodong Zhang, Songqing Chen
IV. Ubiquitous Web Access
13. Distributed Architectures for

Kitta, Todd - SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Content Management, ebook

SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Content Management

Kitta, Todd


SharePoint experts focus on SharePoint 2010 as a platform for Enterprise Content Management
SharePoint allows all users in an organization to manage and share their content reliably and securely. If you're interested in building Web sites using the

Cellary, Wojciech - Interactive 3D Multimedia Content, ebook

Interactive 3D Multimedia Content

Cellary, Wojciech


Issues in Creation, Management, Search and Presentation of Interactive 3D Content
Wojciech Cellary, Krzysztof Walczak
4. Dynamic Database Modeling of 3D Multimedia Content
Krzysztof Walczak
5. Building Configurable 3D Web

Blumauer, Andreas - Semantic Web, ebook

Semantic Web

Blumauer, Andreas


Semantic Web — Geschichte und Ausblick einer Vision
Klaus Tochtermann, Hermann Maurer
2. Semantic Web und semantische Technologien: Zentrale Begriffe und Unterscheidungen
Andreas Blumauer, Tassilo Pellegrini

Amersdorffer, Daniel - Social Web im Tourismus, ebook

Social Web im Tourismus

Amersdorffer, Daniel


Das Social Web – Internet, Gesellschaft, Tourismus, Zukunft
Daniel Amersdorffer, Florian Bauhuber, Jens Oellrich
2. Web 2.0 im Tourismus – eine Auswahl theoretischer Erklärungsansätze
Roman Egger
3. Web 2.0 in der Touristikindustrie – Implikationen