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Reagan, Rob - Web Applications on Azure, ebook

Web Applications on Azure

Reagan, Rob


Table of contents
1. Introducing Azure
Rob Reagan
2. Web Applications
Rob Reagan
3. Azure Data Storage Overview
Rob Reagan
4. Azure SQL Databases
Rob Reagan
5. Azure Table Storage
Rob Reagan
6. Cosmos DB
Rob Reagan
7. Redis Cache
Rob Reagan
8. WebJobs
Rob Reagan

Blace, Ryan - Semantic Web Programming, ebook

Semantic Web Programming

Blace, Ryan


0will be built on semantic Web technologies, which will allow data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise, and community boundaries. Written by a team of highly experienced Web developers, this book explains examines

Pollock, Jeffrey T. - Semantic Web For Dummies, ebook

Semantic Web For Dummies

Pollock, Jeffrey T.


Semantic Web technology is already changing how we interact with data on the Web. By connecting random information on the Internet in new ways, Web 3.0, as it is sometimes called, represents an exciting online evolution.

McWherter, Jeff - Testing ASP.NET Web Applications, ebook

Testing ASP.NET Web Applications

McWherter, Jeff


A unique resource that combines all aspects of Web testing and makes it completely specific to ASP.NET
As Microsoft's key Web technology for creating dynamic, data-driven Web sites and Web

Casteleyn, Sven - Engineering Web Applications, ebook

Engineering Web Applications

Casteleyn, Sven


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sven Casteleyn, Florian Daniel, Peter Dolog, Maristella Matera
2. Technologies
Sven Casteleyn, Florian Daniel, Peter Dolog, Maristella Matera
3. The Development Process
Sven Casteleyn, Florian Daniel, Peter Dolog, Maristella Matera
4. Requirements Engineering

Huddleston, Rob - Teach Yourself VISUALLY Web Design, ebook

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Web Design

Huddleston, Rob


The mechanics of Web design made easy for visual learners
An effective Web site combines good graphic design principles with a functional user interface. This colorful, step-by-step guide shows visual learners how to plan, develop, and publish

York, Richard - Web Development with jQuery, ebook

Web Development with jQuery

York, Richard


More than half of the content is new or updated, and reflects recent innovations with regard to mobile applications, jQuery mobile, and the spectrum of associated plugins.
Readers can expect thorough revisions with expanded coverage of events, CSS, AJAX, animation,