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Singh, Vijay P - Water Quality Management, ebook

Water Quality Management

Singh, Vijay P


Evaluation of Treatment Technologies for Arsenic-Free Drinking Water Supply, Disposal of Backwash Water and Exhausted Media in Bihar, India
Astha Kumari, N. S. Maurya
3. Simultaneous Removal of Arsenic and Nitrate in Anaerobic

Feldman, David L. - Water, ebook


Feldman, David L.


Water is our planet’s most precious resource. It is required by every living thing, yet a huge proportion of the world’s population struggles to access clean water daily. Agriculture, aquaculture, industry, and energy all depend on it - yet its provision

Bhattacharya, Shantanu - Water Remediation, ebook

Water Remediation

Bhattacharya, Shantanu


Introduction to Water Remediation: Importance and Methods
Shantanu Bhattacharya, Akhilendra Bhushan Gupta, Ankur Gupta, Ashok Pandey
Part II. Water Remediation: Basics and Natural Water Remediation
2. Water Pollution,

Bicudo, Carlos Eduardo de Mattos - Waters of Brazil, ebook

Waters of Brazil

Bicudo, Carlos Eduardo de Mattos


Management of Water Resources and Irrigated Agriculture in Brazil
Marcos V. Folegatti, Rodrigo M. Sánchez-Román, Rubens D. Coelho, José A. Frizzone
2. Water and Health: Global and National Aspects
Ulisses Confalonieri, Léo Heller, Sandra Azevedo

Gilardoni, Andrea - The Italian Water Industry, ebook

The Italian Water Industry

Gilardoni, Andrea


Innovation and Circular Economy in Water Sector: The CAP Group
Alessandro Russo
16. Waste Water Management in Seaside Tourism Areas: The Rimini Seawater Protection Plan
Stefano Venier
17. Circular Economy and WWTPs:

Linnik, Petro - Processes Determining Surface Water Chemistry, ebook

Processes Determining Surface Water Chemistry

Linnik, Petro


Table of contents
1. Characteristics of Surface Water Quality
Volodymyr Osadchyy, Bogdan Nabyvanets, Petro Linnik, Nataliia Osadcha, Yurii Nabyvanets
2. Hydrological Processes
Volodymyr Osadchyy, Bogdan Nabyvanets, Petro Linnik, Nataliia Osadcha, Yurii Nabyvanets
3. Physico-Chemical Processes

Evett, Steven - Water and Land Security in Drylands, ebook

Water and Land Security in Drylands

Evett, Steven


A Study of Water Stress on Olive Growing Under the Effect of Climate Change in South East of Tunisia
A. Hachani, Mohamed Ouessar, A. Zerrim
2. Climate Change Impacts in the Maghreb Region: Status and Prospects of the Water Resources
L. Oualkacha, L. Stour,