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Dupont, Diane P. - Water Policy and Governance in Canada, ebook

Water Policy and Governance in Canada

Dupont, Diane P.


The Hydrological and Policy Contexts for Water in Canada
Bruce Mitchell
3. Water Policy in Canada
Ted Horbulyk
4. Changing Currents: A Case Study in the Evolution of Water Law in Western Canada
Oliver M. Brandes,

Bolognesi, Thomas - Modernization and Urban Water Governance, ebook

Modernization and Urban Water Governance

Bolognesi, Thomas


Table of contents
1. General Introduction
Thomas Bolognesi
Part 1. Three Stylized Facts on UWSEs’ Modernization: Depoliticization, Resilience and Sustainability
2. UWSEs’ Organization and Modernization: Similarities and Variations

Hall, Rosalie Arcala - Water Policy in the Philippines, ebook

Water Policy in the Philippines

Hall, Rosalie Arcala


Industrial Water Use and the Associated Pollution and Disposal Problems in the Philippines
Veronica P. Migo, Marlo D. Mendoza, Catalino G. Alfafara, Juan M. Pulhin
6. Agricultural Water Management

Singh, Vijay P - Water Resources Management, ebook

Water Resources Management

Singh, Vijay P


Water Resources Planning and Management
7. Water Crisis: Issues and Challenges in Punjab
Ravishankar Kumar, Upma Vaid, Sunil Mittal
8. Issues and Challenges of River Health Assessment in India
M. L. Kansal
9. Coastal Reservoir—How to Develop Freshwater

McNabb, David E. - Water Resource Management, ebook

Water Resource Management

McNabb, David E.


Beginnings of Water Management in the U.S
David E. McNabb
6. Federal Regulators of the Resource
David E. McNabb
7. Water Resource Management Comes of Age
David E. McNabb
8. Managing Water Conflicts

Gilardoni, Andrea - The Italian Water Industry, ebook

The Italian Water Industry

Gilardoni, Andrea


Real-Time Automatic Control and Management of the Network Distribution
Stefano Quaglino
13. A Safe Model Thanks to Interconnections
Lorenzo Veronese
14. High-Pressure Fire Prevention System in Venice
Vladimiro Agostini
Part IV. Wastewater in

Abdi, M. Reza - Adaptive Water Management, ebook

Adaptive Water Management

Abdi, M. Reza


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Farideh Delavari Edalat, M. Reza Abdi
Part I. Part I
2. Concepts and Approaches of Main Water Managements
Farideh Delavari Edalat, M. Reza Abdi
3. Concept and Application of Adaptive Water Management
Farideh Delavari Edalat, M. Reza Abdi
Part II. Part II
4. Water