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Streffer, Christian - Radioactive Waste, ebook

Radioactive Waste

Streffer, Christian


Management of high level radioactive waste with reference to long-term responsibility
Christian Streffer, Carl Friedrich Gethmann, Georg Kamp, Wolfgang Kröger, Eckard Rehbinder, Ortwin Renn, Klaus-Jürgen Röhlig
8. Legal questions of managing high level radioactive

Karagiannidis, Avraam - Waste to Energy, ebook

Waste to Energy

Karagiannidis, Avraam


A Methodological Framework for Integrating Waste Biomass into a Portfolio of Thermal Energy Production Systems
Eleftherios Iakovou, Dimitrios Vlachos, Agorasti Toka
4. Modeling Waste Characteristics and WtE Plants as a

Gnansounou, Edgard - Waste Bioremediation, ebook

Waste Bioremediation

Gnansounou, Edgard


Organic Waste and Pollutants Reduction Through Composting
V. Sudharsan Varma, Shanmugaprakash Muthusamy, Karthik Rajendran
8. Role of Bacterial Consortia in Bioremediation of Textile Recalcitrant Compounds
Madhava Anil Kumar, Palanichamy Baskaralingam,

Ariffin, Junaidah - University Campus Solid Waste Management, ebook

University Campus Solid Waste Management

Ariffin, Junaidah


Solid WasteManagement Models
Pezhman Taherei Ghazvinei, Masoud Aghajani Mir, Hossein Hassanpour Darvishi, Junaidah Ariffin
4. Solid Waste–Management Design
Pezhman Taherei Ghazvinei, Masoud Aghajani Mir, Hossein

Puigjaner, Luis - Syngas from Waste, ebook

Syngas from Waste

Puigjaner, Luis


Emerging Technologies on Syngas Purification: Process Intensification
Ramón Álvarez-Rodríguez, Carmen Clemente-Jul
7. H2 Production and CO2 Separation
Antonello Di Donato
8. Modelling Superstructure for Conceptual Design of Syngas Generation and

Agarwal, Rashmi Avinash - Waste to Wealth, ebook

Waste to Wealth

Agarwal, Rashmi Avinash


Biopolymers from Wastes to High-Value Products in Biomedicine
Bernardo Bayón, Ignacio Rivero Berti, Ana M. Gagneten, Guillermo R. Castro
2. Biosurfactants from Processed Wastes
Seba George, K. Jayachandran
3. Synthesis of Value Added Biomimetic Material

Stehlik, Petr - Up-to-Date Waste-to-Energy Approach, ebook

Up-to-Date Waste-to-Energy Approach

Stehlik, Petr


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Petr Stehlik
2. Conceptual Approach
Petr Stehlik
3. Investment Planning Based on NERUDA System
Petr Stehlik
4. WtE as Integrated Items—REGION and EVELINE Systems
Petr Stehlik
5. Selection…