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Chesterton, G. K. - The Crimes of England, ebook

The Crimes of England

Chesterton, G. K.


A fascinating critique on England's actions before and during the First World War, written a year after the War's end by prolific English writer G. K. Chesterton.

Rose, C. A. - Three Years in France with the Guns, ebook

Three Years in France with the Guns

Rose, C. A.


This book details some 'episodes in the life of a Field Battery' during the First World War. From the introduction by the author: The story is a simple record of the fortunes of my own Battery and Brigade, and is intended as a tribute to the good comradeship…

Priestley, Major R. E. - Breaking the Hindenburg Line, ebook

Breaking the Hindenburg Line

Priestley, Major R. E.


At an hour and date to be notified later, the 46th Division, as part of a major operation, will cross the St. Quentin Canal, capture the Hindenburg Line, and advance to a position shown on the attached map A. This was the opening paragraph of the preliminary…

Moore, Ald. H. Keatley - Croydon and the Great War, ebook

Croydon and the Great War

Moore, Ald. H. Keatley


The last 200 or so pages of this book are taken up with the alphabetical listing of “The Glorious Dead” (2506), the list of Naval and Military Honours (499), also with names in alphabetical order, and thirdly the names of the Returned Prisoners of…

Fallon, Captain David - The Big Fight, ebook

The Big Fight

Fallon, Captain David


This book is an account of the author’s battlefield experiences at Gallipoli and on the Western Front. Fallon was a pre-war regular (Northumberland Fusiliers) who, when war broke out, was a staff sergeant instructor at the Australian Royal Military…

Ibanez, Vicente Blasco - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, ebook

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Ibanez, Vicente Blasco


Vicente Blasco Ibanez's most famous novel, adapted several times for film, is set in Europe during World War I. A young South American artist moves to Paris when the War breaks out. Ibanez paints a wonderful picture of pre-war Germany and France during…

Beck, James - The Case of Edith Cavell, ebook

The Case of Edith Cavell

Beck, James


Written by James Beck, the former assistant to the Attorney General of the United States, to Germany's Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs during the First World War. This was a treatise on the rights of non-combatants. It took the story of Edith Cavell,…

Brooke, Rupert - Letters from America, ebook

Letters from America

Brooke, Rupert


A fascinating collection of letters from English poet Rupert Brooke. Description from the introductory note: The author started in May 1913 on a journey to the United States, Canada, and the South Seas, from which he returned next year at the beginning…

Lawrence, D. H. - England, My England, ebook

England, My England

Lawrence, D. H.


A fantastic collection of ten short stories by eminent English author, poet, playwright, essayist and literary critic D. H. Lawrence. Many of the stories are set against the backdrop of the First World War. Includes the stories: • England, My England •…