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Pinkerton, John - Early Australian Voyages, ebook

Early Australian Voyages

Pinkerton, John


A fantastic account of the voyages of Francisco Pelsaert, Abel Janszoon Tasman and William Dampier written by Scottish antiquarian, cartographer, author, numismatist and historian John Pinkerton.

Meruane, Lina - Viral Voyages, ebook

Viral Voyages

Meruane, Lina


Table of contents
1. Beginning the Journey
Lina Meruane
Part I. Logbook of an HIV-Positive Voyage
2. Logbook of an HIV-Positive Voyage
Lina Meruane
Part II. Viral Voyagers
3. Itinerant Infirmity
Lina Meruane
4. The Comings…

Inniss, J R De L - Hard a Tab Nab, ebook

Hard a Tab Nab

Inniss, J R De L


Tab nabs were the biscuits dished out in the mess rooms of ships in the merchant navy. If a helmsman was asked if the ship’s helm was hard a-starboard or hard a-port, he often would reply, “Hard a tab nab, sir.” Master Mariner J. R. de L. Inniss…

Polo, Marco - The Book of Wonder, ebook

The Book of Wonder

Polo, Marco


The most renowned travel story of the Middle Ages has never lost its allure. A story of true wonder, Marco Polo's experiences as well as the reported myths, transport us to the heart of Central Asia, China, Indochina, and the Indian Ocean. The original…

Polo, Marco - Das Buch der Wunder, ebook

Das Buch der Wunder

Polo, Marco


Marco Polo wurde im mittelalterlichen Venedig in eine wohlhabende Händlerfamilie geboren. Nach einer 24-jährigen Reise durch Fernost beschrieb er im Jahre 1299 seine Abenteuer einem seiner Mitgefangenen, einem Schriftsteller von Abenteuerromanen namens…

Polo, Marco - Le Livre des Merveilles, ebook

Le Livre des Merveilles

Polo, Marco


Le plus célèbre récit de voyage du Moyen Âge n’a pas perdu de son charme. Véritable source d’émerveillement, la vie de Marco Polo tout comme les mythes qui y sont liés nous transportent au cœur de l’Asie centrale, de la Chine, de l’Indochine…