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Grainger, Keith - Wine Production and Quality, ebook

Wine Production and Quality

Grainger, Keith


Since the publication of Wine Production: Vine to Bottle (2005) and Wine Quality: Tasting and Selection (2009), there has been a great deal of change in the wine industry, and the perceptions of critics and expectations of consumers have shifted. Wine…

Larkin, Hugh - The Food and Drink Quiz Book, ebook

The Food and Drink Quiz Book

Larkin, Hugh


Do you enjoy cooking? Are you always on the lookout for new recipes and ideas for entertaining? Would you like to know more about the food and drink that you consume every day and serve to your family? If you answered yes to any of the above, you are…

Dougherty, Percy H. - The Geography of Wine, ebook

The Geography of Wine

Dougherty, Percy H.


Introduction to the Geographical Study of Viticulture and Wine Production
Percy H. Dougherty
2. Terroir: At the Heart of Geography
Tim Unwin
3. Geography and the American Viticultural Areas Process, Including a Case Study of Lodi, California

Prasad, Ram - Mycorrhiza - Function, Diversity, State of the Art, ebook

Mycorrhiza - Function, Diversity, State of the Art

Prasad, Ram


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Mycorrhiza: Historical Development
Ram Prasad, Diksha Bhola, Khalid Akdi, Cristina Cruz, Sairam KVSS, Narendra Tuteja, Ajit Varma
2. Mobilization of Micronutrients by Mycorrhizal Fungi
Priyanku Teotia, Manoj Kumar, Ram Prasad, Vivek Kumar, Narendra Tuteja, Ajit Varma

Hermelin, Brita - Services and the Green Economy, ebook

Services and the Green Economy

Hermelin, Brita


Contrasting Industry Cases: Engineering, Viticulture and Construction
10. Service Engineering Research in Japan: Towards a Sustainable Society
Kentaro Watanabe, Masaaki Mochimaru, Yoshiki Shimomura
11. The Greening of Chilean Wineries Through Specialized

Delrot, Serge - Methodologies and Results in Grapevine Research, ebook

Methodologies and Results in Grapevine Research

Delrot, Serge


Use of Thermal Imaging in Viticulture: Current Application and Future Prospects
J. Miguel Costa, O.M. Grant, M.M. Chaves
11. Grapevine Fruiting Cuttings: An Experimental System to Study Grapevine Physiology Under Water Deficit Conditions
M. Carmen Antolín,