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Nixon, Robin - Creative Visualization For Dummies, ebook

Creative Visualization For Dummies

Nixon, Robin


Known as "Creative Visualization," this powerfully simple tool has adherents as well known as Oprah Winfrey. In Creative Visualization For Dummies, Robin Nixon gives you the practical tools for pinpointing your goals, becoming

Yuk, Mico - Data Visualization For Dummies, ebook

Data Visualization For Dummies

Yuk, Mico


Data visualization software enables different industries to present information in ways that are memorable and relevant to their mission. This full-color guide introduces you to a variety of ways to handle and synthesize data in much more interesting ways than mere

Dzemyda, Gintautas - Multidimensional Data Visualization, ebook

Multidimensional Data Visualization

Dzemyda, Gintautas


Table of contents
1. Multidimensional Data and the Concept of Visualization
Gintautas Dzemyda, Olga Kurasova, Julius Žilinskas
2. Strategies for Multidimensional Data Visualization
Gintautas Dzemyda, Olga Kurasova, Julius Žilinskas

Hauser, Helwig - Topology-based Methods in Visualization, ebook

Topology-based Methods in Visualization

Hauser, Helwig


Topology-Based Flow Visualization, The State of the Art
Robert S. Laramee, Helwig Hauser, Lingxiao Zhao, Frits H. Post
2. Topology-guided Visualization of Constrained Vector Fields
Ronald Peikert, Filip Sadlo

Burch, Michael - Eye Tracking and Visualization, ebook

Eye Tracking and Visualization

Burch, Michael


Visualization, Visual Analytics, and User Interfaces
1. A Task-Based View on the Visual Analysis of Eye-Tracking Data
Kuno Kurzhals, Michael Burch, Tanja Blascheck, Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko, Daniel Weiskopf
2. Interactive Visualization

Marchese, Francis T. - Knowledge Visualization Currents, ebook

Knowledge Visualization Currents

Marchese, Francis T.


What Is an Effective Knowledge Visualization? Insights from a Review of Seminal Concepts
Martin J. Eppler
2. What Is Knowledge Visualization? Eight Reflections on an Evolving Discipline
Stefan Bertschi, Sabrina Bresciani,

Huang, Weidong - Handbook of Human Centric Visualization, ebook

Handbook of Human Centric Visualization

Huang, Weidong


Evaluating Visualization Environments: Cognitive, Social, and Cultural Perspectives
Christopher D. Hundhausen
6. On the Prospects for a Science of Visualization
Ronald A. Rensink
Part III. Principles, Guidelines and Recommendations
7. Toward a Better

Yau, Nathan - FlowingData.com Data Visualization Set, ebook

FlowingData.com Data Visualization Set

Yau, Nathan


It begins with a description of the huge growth of data and visualization in industry, news, and gov't and opportunities for those who tell stories with data. Logically it moves on to actual stories in data-statistical ones with trends and human stories. the technical