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Standing, Simon  - Surface: Land/Water and the Visual Arts, ebook

Surface: Land/Water and the Visual Arts

Standing, Simon


Central themes include: sustainability; representation of change, journey, place and visual practice; West Country and regional specificity. There is particular focus on coast as a littoral space, and interest in exploring relations between site-theme-art process-narrative.

O'Rawe, Des - Post-Conflict Performance, Film and Visual Arts, ebook

Post-Conflict Performance, Film and Visual Arts

O'Rawe, Des


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Cities of Memory
Des O’Rawe, Mark Phelan
2. Paradoxes and Parapraxes: On (the Limits of) Cinematic Representation in Post-Conflict Situations
Thomas Elsaesser
3. A Ruin in Slow Motion: The Case of…

Cutcher, Alexandra Lasczik - Arts-Research-Education, ebook


Cutcher, Alexandra Lasczik


Rearticulating Arts, Research, and Education from the Disciplinary to the Affective in Public Arts Practices
Linda Knight
3. Encountering Research as Creative Practice: Participants Giving Voice to the Research
Don MacDougall, Rita L. Irwin, Adrienne Boulton,

Leong, Samuel - Creative Arts in Education and Culture, ebook

Creative Arts in Education and Culture

Leong, Samuel


Creative Arts, Education, and Culture in Global Perspective
Patricia Shehan Campbell
2. National Acts for Transmission of Chinese Culture and Heritage in Arts Education
Shengjian Guo
3. Cultural Policy and the Development of Local Cultures in Hong Kong

Plate, Liedeke - Technologies of Memory in the Arts, ebook

Technologies of Memory in the Arts

Plate, Liedeke


Table of contents
1. Technologies of Memory in the Arts: An Introduction
Liedeke Plate, Anneke Smelik
Part I. Mediating Memories
2. Tourists of History: Souvenirs, Architecture and the Kitschification of Memory
Marita Sturken
3. Minimalism, Memory and the Reflection of Absence
Wouter Weijers

Möller, Frank - Visual Peace, ebook

Visual Peace

Möller, Frank


Table of contents
Part I. Part I
1. Impressions: Stretching the Limits of Representation
Frank Möller
2. Ambiguities, Approximations, Abstractions
Frank Möller
3. The Participant Witness
Frank Möller
4. Reflections on Photojournalism
Frank Möller
Part II. Part II
5. The Aftermath:

Lum, Chee-Hoo - Contextualized Practices in Arts Education, ebook

Contextualized Practices in Arts Education

Lum, Chee-Hoo


The Singapore Arts Landscape: Influences, Tensions, Confluences, and Possibilities for the Learning Context
Gene Segarra Navera
2. Exegetical Commentary
Audrey Wai Yen Wong
Part II. Creative Music Making in Primary School
3. Learning as You Go: A