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Carter, John - Virology: Principles and Applications, ebook

Virology: Principles and Applications

Carter, John


Virology: Principles and Applications is a clear and accessible introduction to this fast-moving field, providing a comprehensive resource enabling the reader to understand the key concepts surrounding this exciting subject. The reader is introduced to the principles of virus structure,

Arbiza, Juan - Human Virology in Latin America, ebook

Human Virology in Latin America

Arbiza, Juan


Table of contents
Part I. The Early Days
1. Viral Epidemics in Latin America from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Centuries and the Early Days of Virology in the Region
José Esparza
Part II. Viral Gastrointestinal Diseases
2. Rotavirus Biology
Susana López, Carlos F. Arias
3. Calicivirus Biology

Baranwal, Virendra Kumar - A Century of Plant Virology in India, ebook

A Century of Plant Virology in India

Baranwal, Virendra Kumar


Table of contents
1. Introduction: A Century of Plant Virology in India
Bikash Mandal, Govind Pratap Rao, Virendra Kumar Baranwal, Rakesh Kumar Jain
Part I. Virus Characterisation
2. Ampeloviruses Associated with Grapevine Leafroll Disease: A New Group of Viruses in India
Sandeep Kumar, Richa Rai, Virendra

Chiappelli, Francesco - Global Virology II - HIV and NeuroAIDS, ebook

Global Virology II - HIV and NeuroAIDS

Chiappelli, Francesco


Table of contents
1. Multidisciplinary Approach to HIV/AIDS: Historical Perspective
Clyde B. McCoy, A. Jeanene Bengoa, Duane C. McBride, Brian T. Foley, Shikha Puri, Alejandro J. Mendez, Paul Shapshak
2. Global Issues in NeuroAIDS

Singh, Sunit K. - Viral Infections and Global Change, ebook

Viral Infections and Global Change

Singh, Sunit K.


With up to date information on the clinical aspects as well as the basic science of major human viral hemorrhagic fevers, Viral Infections and GlobalChange will be a useful resource for professionals in biology medicine, and veterinerary science working in ecology, environmental management, climatology,

 - Influenza Viruses: Disease Modeling and Laboratory Methods, ebook

Influenza Viruses: Disease Modeling and Laboratory Methods


Influenza virus infections are a serious health problem. Each year, about 500 million people are infected by the virus, resulting in about 500,000 deaths worldwide. The occurrence of new influenza subtypes has caused severe pandemics, including the 2009 swine flu (vH1N1). In addition, highly pathogenic viruses, like subtypes

Voevodin, Alexander F. - Simian Virology, ebook

Simian Virology

Voevodin, Alexander F.


Simian Virology is the first text to comprehensively cover all currently known simian viruses. Chapters provide an overview of nonhuman primate models of medically important viral diseases as well as natural infections of nonhuman primates with human and animal viruses. The text covers a

Dimmock, Nigel J. - Introduction to Modern Virology, ebook

Introduction to Modern Virology

Dimmock, Nigel J.


Praised forits clarity of presentation and accessibility, Introduction to Modern Virology has been a successful student text for over 30 years. It provides a broad introduction to virology, which includes the nature of viruses, the interaction of viruses

Wagner, Edward K. - Basic Virology, ebook

Basic Virology

Wagner, Edward K.


Ideal for the student seeking a solid understanding of the basic principles in this rapidly developing field, this best-selling text offers a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of virology. Featuring an enhanced art program now in full-color, the new edition has been updated