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Bowden, Matt - Crime, Disorder and Symbolic Violence, ebook

Crime, Disorder and Symbolic Violence

Bowden, Matt


Urban Disorder and Symbolic Violence: Opening the Case
Matt Bowden
2. A Bourdieusian Perspective: Governing Territory and Subjects
Matt Bowden
Part II. The Theoretical Case: Governing Crime and Disorder in the Urban

Elliott, Delbert - The Prevention of Crime, ebook

The Prevention of Crime

Elliott, Delbert


The Prevention of Crime provides a unique and comprehensive overview of effective crime prevention programs, strategies and policies, demonstrating how criminological theories, research, and practice are interrelated.

Offers the most cutting-edge,

Bradley, Mindy S. - Preventing Crime and Violence, ebook

Preventing Crime and Violence

Bradley, Mindy S.


Macro- and Micro-approaches to Crime Prevention and Intervention Programs
Karyn Sporer, Amy L. Anderson, Johanna Peterson
16. Research Designs in Crime and Violence Prevention

Aslan, Ednan - Religion and Violence, ebook

Religion and Violence

Aslan, Ednan


Religion and Violence: Christian and Muslim Theological and Pedagogical Reflections
Marcia Hermansen
2. The Drama Triangle of Religion and Violence
R. Ruard Ganzevoort
3. Violence vs. Religion
Ferid Muhic
4. Violence and Religion: A Complex

Macleod, Morna - Resisting Violence, ebook

Resisting Violence

Macleod, Morna


Resisting Violence: Emotional Communities in Latin America
Natalia De Marinis, Morna Macleod
2. Violence, Emotional Communities, and Political Action in Colombia
Myriam Jimeno, Daniel Varela, Angela Castillo
3. Testimony, Social Memory, and Strategic

Henry, Nicola - Sexual Violence in a Digital Age, ebook

Sexual Violence in a Digital Age

Henry, Nicola


Sexual Violence: A Feminist Criminological Analysis
Anastasia Powell, Nicola Henry
3. Conceptualising Technosocial Sexual Harms
Anastasia Powell, Nicola Henry
Part II. Violence
4. Rape Culture Unveiled
Anastasia Powell, Nicola Henry
5. Beyond

Jamel, Joanna - Transphobic Hate Crime, ebook

Transphobic Hate Crime

Jamel, Joanna


Transphobic Hate Crime on a National and International Scale
Joanna Jamel
3. Legislation and the Protection of Trans People's Rights
Joanna Jamel
4. The Victim–Offender Relationship in Transphobic Hate Crime
Joanna Jamel
5. Responses to Transphobic